[TUTORIAL] Folding@Home, do folding, get rewards

Want to learn how you can help a good cause and be elegible to win nice rewards? (Tutorial below)


For example the first 5 people who reach 75,000 points will receive a month of Diamond or $5 to Paypal. Simple as that. Greater points values acheived will come with greater prizes (i.e. Steam Keys, 3 or 6 months of Diamond, etc…).

Also there are giveaways planned for people that are part of the team and contribute folding., no matter the amount of points you have. We are few, so your chances of winning are big.

What is Folding?
Stanford University needed a super computer to do scientific researching, to do millions of protein simulations fast, so they designed this application for to distribute the effort, by using it you are forming part of this super computer.
Basically Stanford University sends you a package of simulations, your PC completes it, and send them back, and get points depending in the size of the simulation, this simulations are used for researching cures for Alzheimer’s, cancer, and Parkinson’s..

Want to know more about folding?
@xIENVYIx made a post aswering more questions and explaining.

Before we start remember again that by folding you´ll be using electricity, check if it´s affordable for you.

So lets start with the tutorial on how to fold.

#Tutorial :purple_heart:
Download the aplication from the official web of Folding@Home https://folding.stanford.edu/ (is in the lower part)

(1) With the Folding@home aplication installed and open, click in “Configure”

b) (here you can change how much resources of your PC you wanna use with full/light


(2) Go to “Identity”
(3) Click in “Click here to open the Folding@home passkey request web page”
(4) Complete the page there, you will get an Email with the passkey in your mail.
(5) Now go to the F@H application again, and go to Configure → Identity , paste the passkey there, complete name with your
WeMod community name, and add this 232653 in Team Number, so points are visible in the WeMod team page.
It has to look like this once you are done:

Your points take a little time to show up in the team stats, so be patience.

To check the team members and your position check this link

Every points helps! Is a team effort :slight_smile:

Prologue: This post may look unnesesary to some, but i had to explain this steps a few times so wanted to post this and just share this link when somebody ask me :stuck_out_tongue:
And sorry for my english, i learned most of my written english from the internet, a place where grammar is not strong.

If you see i can improve anything please tell me, if you have questions ask me.

Prologue of the prologue: @Sunkist made a good point , so is good to point out in how to protect your pc, even if you are not doing folding, so follow this three mayor advices:

  • Keep your PC free of dust: "The first line of defense against these ugly occurrences is a simple blast of compressed air to your PC’s heatsinks and fans. It feels sort of like the ocean breeze, except it freezes and explodes if used improperly. Just like the ocean breeze"¹ .

  • Use an stabilizer or ups , i use a ups cause i live in a country with electric spikes bigger than the inflation of venezuela (be strong).

  • Keeping the PC free of dust helps maitaining good temperatures, but if you live in hot region, then you better have a good cooling system or have the room a good temperature. ("Moderate temperatures of 68 to 71 degrees Fahrenheit are ideal temperatures for computers"²)

sources of the tips:
¹ Protect Your Investment: Gaming PC Preventative Maintenance | GamersNexus
² http://www.velocitymicro.com/blog/the-10-commandements-of-computer-care/


Do you get bacon from this?


Yes @Sproy donates himself if need be


i can giveaway the Prostate Palpation Simulator ( along with the Pig Examination DLC) if you want. ( ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)

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EA gonna hire you

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Nice post, I started folding last night. Been asked by PNY and Overclock.net for some time now. Broke my cherry here. :wink:

I don’t want to take away from our group but you can also join EVGA folding team and get EVGA Bucks which can be put toward a new GPU. You can earn $10 monthly/$120 year if you do 4m points per month which isn’t that hard.


This group is small though and needs our help.


By the way when i use to play on my old PS3 I heard you could homebrew the system and then install this software on it; thou this was years ago and can probably be done still on the PS3.

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Indeed, a few time ago it was possible to do folding with PS3, but a firmware update at the end of 2012 removed the app that allowed PS3 owners to contribute to folding, not sure why sony did it, evilness? so PS4 doesnt support folding, a shame since it had spectacular performance.


Didn’t know they did that back then all well, may be the team that jail-broke the system the first time could do so agian,so that we could; just an idea if any of those guys are listening.

Ahh most likely is because of that, also removed other apps at the time.

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I’m Folding now for the team.

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I also i did some folding the other day, but i folded (get it? folded …HA!) cause i was doing almost no points per day and i finished quite a few big WU , two were like 100k work units and nothing :frowning:

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Yah I know, they are still issues within the FAH 's software client side, which i hope they’ll fix and add to it eventually (adding the newer Intel and AMD chips, that just came out).

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