[Tutorial] How to get a Custom Cape in Minecraft [Works Online]

How to get a custom Cape
[Made by: Kink]

Hello XboxMB, I have recently been doing some Minecraft client modding and I figured I’d share this easy way to get yourself a sexy cape to wear around online, I found this myself editing with the different files…I’m not sure if it has been posted before but this is my go at it.

What you need:

Note: You can edit the cape in paint at 100% zoom.

1.) You’re going to want to start by downloading all the files I have stated above, extract and install them if needed to do so.

2.) Open the folder you extracted the Minecraft Coder Pack into. Now navigate to Start > Run > %appdata% > .Minecraft and continue to right click and copy the folder “bin” paste this into the folder “jars” in the Minecraft Coder Pack folder you have open, now copy the folder “resources” in .Minecraft, again paste this into “jars”.

3.) Locate the Minecraft_Server.jar file you have downloaded and place that in “jars” in the Minecraft Coder Pack folder. Now, continue by running the “decompile.bat” file and it will decompile your minecraft files, once this process has completed it should give you tell you to press any key to continue, do so.

4.) Navigate to “src” > “minecraft” > “net” > “minecraft” > “src” now locate the file “EntityPlayer.class” you’re going to want to open this in a text editor (I will be using regular notepad), while in notepad…go to Edit > Find and in the textbox enter “UpdateCloak” it will now take you to the coding for whether or not you have a cape.

5.) Now, take your edited minecraft skin and upload it to a direct image uploading site such as imgur: the simple image sharer and upload your skin. You’re now going to replace the code:



public void updateCloak()
        playerCloakUrl = (new StringBuilder()).append("http://IMGLINKHERE.COM").toString();
        cloakUrl = playerCloakUrl;

Where it says “IMGLINKHERE.COM” you’re going to want to put your direct image link that your cape is located at.

6.) Go to File > Save and close the notepad. Go back to the main folder of Minecraft Coder Pack and run the bat file “recompile.bat”, let that run and close when it says “press any key to continue” now run “reobfuscate.bat” and again, let that run until it tells you to continue. Once you have ran both of those, continue by heading into the “reobf” folder under the Minecraft Coder Pack folder now go into “Minecraft” and there should be a file named “gs.class”, now head back into your .Minecraft folder.

7.) Go into the “bin” folder and right click the “minecraft.jar” and open that in WinRAR, delete the “META-INF” folder…now drag the “gs.class” into the “minecraft.jar” file and press “OK” when it asks. You can now close all all files and run Minecraft, you will now have the cape you selected in multiplayer and single player you can check by pressing “F5” while in-game and going into 3rd person mode.

A lot of steps.

I really tried to make it detailed, didn’t want to leave out anything :stuck_out_tongue: .

F*cking Kink Comin up wit da good Tuts.

Will this work on ANY server? Or just your own? :smile:

I’m pretty sure this will work on any server, I’ve tried it myself on a random bukkit server.

Hmm, seeing as you edit minecraft_server.jar, I’m assuming that it will only work on that one :3

Seems Verry Similar to the post found on Hack Forums


and this can only be seen by you and any one else that has done this , so randoms will NOT see the cape.

Now I can make my dude look Sexy :sunglasses:

This isn’t worth it because only you and other who have done it can see…


Got Notch’s cape?, and great tut kink thanx.

For those who want Mojang made cloaks: Skin - Minecraft Wiki

Hey listen on mine when I try it, it says cannot find specified path when I try to decompile it. Please help!!!

I really tried to make it detailed, didn’t want to leave out anything

Nice… Got any apps to make my own custom cape?

Microsoft Paint.

By the way, this thread is kinda like 3 years old…