(Tutorial) How to ISO Mod with USB

100% Credit to Yoshi910. Got this from Game-Tuts

3/31/11 I am going to test this with GTA IV.


I cant belive now one figured this out yet

#6 I DONT understand it, do we just but in the game files or wat, anyone wanna help.

I am pretty sure this will not work. People have tried this before and it has been brought up many times.

Wait so where C/P guides we have not even tested yet? Wowzers

Apparently it’s been tested by people on Game-Tuts. People say it works. I’m going to try it out.

Apparently it works for GTA IV and Forza.


I heard this too. :smile:

I’m going to try this when I’m home and I’ll report back :smiley:

Does it work for cod waw?

some1 test and let me know

Oh I did no realize that we took everyones word for things on Game-tuts that place is just as far gone as Se7ensins and were getting close. I was just pointing out if you cannot confirm it and you post it it’s mildly ignorant.

test plox :3

JTAG only…


jtag only. won’t be signed right.

i tried this with WaW and when i go to the game in my memory it says it’s ‘Corrupted’

So it doesn’t work?

I’m not saying we have to take everyones word from other sites. I am just putting this out there for people to test if they want. I am going to test this with GTA IV. Apparently it works with GTA IV and Forza 3. I don’t know about WaW.

Well I wanna use this with GTA but only have the digital version of TBOGT and I’m not paying like… £16 or whatever it is for the retail version. As for Forza, I’m banned… -.- This is no use to me what-so-ever. D:

It doesn’t work with GTA IV. What a waste of time. :anguished: