TUTORIAL! How to tell if your xbox 360 is JTag able!

  1. Turn on your Console
  2. Goto the Console Settings Pane
  3. Highlight System Settings

Your Dashboard Version will be on the right! If its below 2.0.7371 then its JTAGable. If its above 2.0.7371 it is not!

If your dashboard IS 2.0.7371

  1. Turn off the console
  2. Look at the manufacturers date on the back

If your MFG date is BEFORE 6/18/2009 then it is JTAGABLE, if its after 6/23/2009 then its NOT

If your console is NIB, check the manufacturers date and thats all you need :smile:

Ehh Nice Tut,But Show Some Pics Or Something,Looks Tiny.

haha now that i know im going to check for sure on all my xbox’s if they are jtag able haha thanks for this man

just buy a second hand xbox what has never been online thats what id did it just had 3 red lights EASY TOO FIX

Nice post, but really, there is already an more detailed tutorial, which is sticky. Also this is posted in wrong section.
Sticky more Detailed Post: https://www.wemod.com/forum/39-jtag-tutorials/1303-how-tell-if-your-xbox-jtagable.html