[Tutorial] Kink's Unjackable/Unlockable account method [Example Video]

Hello guys, I am creating this thread to share with you my method of making your xbox live account unjackable and unlockable so you no longer have to play online and worry about having your xbox live account locked or hacked. I have made this tutorial as simple as I could possibly make it so I hope everyone can get good use out of it. I have provided a video below the tutorial of me showing you guys that it does indeed work and how to test it on your own account.

So let’s begin, shall we? :smile:

How this works:
The basics of this method is that what you are doing is locking your own account for support agents to not even being able to pull up your account when you or anyone else tries to call using your gamertag, as shown below in the video…the agent takes 10+ minutes talking to his supervisor because he doesn’t know what to do. The best thing about this method is that it can simply be enabled/disabled by removing the text that you put in your contact information.

Q. Can this get me banned?
A. Simple answer to this question is no, this cannot get you banned. This is the same method tier 3 agents use to lock your account when it’s reported stolen just we are using it now to our advantage.

Q. Will this affect my game-play in anyway?
A. No, this does not affect the way you play on your account whatsoever.

Q. What account did you use when showing us that this works in the video?
A. I created a brand new silver account on xbox.com then just applied the method.

The Tutorial

  1. You will want to start by going to “xbox.com” and signing in with the account or creating an account that you would like to protect.

  2. Create a new tab and navigate this second tab to “login.live.com” and login with the same account that you did in the first tab.

  3. On the first tab, on xbox.com while you are logged in go to My Xbox > Accounts.

  4. On the second tab, on login.live.com while you are logged in to under the “Country/region” second, click “Change”.

  5. Now going back to the first tab, you should be under My Xbox > Accounts click the “Billing Account Information” link.

  6. Edit the following information as depicted below. Without the quotations

  7. On the second tab, edit the information exactly as above just only do address Line 1 and address line 2.

  8. On tab 1 and tab 2, you can leave City, State, Phone number and Contact email address the same as it already is or enter something random/fake.

  9. Press the save button on both tabs and walla, you’re now protected against locking/jacking.

What the account information should now look like, using an example account:

LiGHTzz put something similar to this in his AIM Status not to long ago, he was trying to get it patched…

Nice tut though.

This seems WAY too easy to be true… great post btw…

Try it for yourself, then call xbox support, go to billing and say you forgot the e-mail address on your xbox live account. :stuck_out_tongue: just listen to the video, then you will understand.

skruffy epic avatar and yea this works i did that ;p

I know about jacking tags brah. im just saying it seems weird that this would actually work.

*NVM microsoft are sometimes that stupid

I completely doubt you did this in 5 minutes.
You just want post count.

I’m not sure about this… I would’ve thought that having the name and address as that would look more suspicious.

Mine all has random info on it so it’s got less chance of getting the real info and jacking/locking it.

yeh but jesters jtag way can get any acc w/o a dox.

Thanks Kink, I will use this on my oG!

No. That would do nothing to protect your account from someone that has even a little bit of intelligence. This protects them from going any farther then asking your gamertag and maybe your first and last name.

do you really live in kirkland cuz i live right by there anyway nice tutorial

Nope, that’s just the alt city/state I use for a lot of things.

What if you tell them the email?

Thanks a lot Kink. I hope this stops those people that know how to spoof the emails and stuff to accounts.

thanks man did this :smiley:

I’m just using the “I forgot my email” as an example of what this can do. Works with anything concerning your account in general.

This is legit and does work, this method hasn’t really been released before but yes Lightz tried to get it patched and did not pass.

Question-To reverse it do we just change the info back?

Yep, pretty simple on and off.