Twitch update on Xbox One adds detailed filtering features

[/img]An update for the Xbox One version of Twitch has added in-depth filtering options.

The app now allows viewers to set specific parameters in order to find a stream that offers exactly what they’re looking for, rather than just random or popular streams.

According to a post on Microsoft’s Xbox Wire blog, each Xbox One game has its own bespoke search filters enabling players to search for streams based on ability or specific scenarios.

“Want to search for the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare broadcaster with the highest kill/death ratio? How about instantly queuing up a Halo match from whoever has the highest rank in Slayer mode, or finding Forza Horizon 2 players who are driving a specific class of car?” the blog reads.

Microsoft points out that these new filters could make it easier for new Twitch users to gain an audience more quickly, as they may get a high number of viewers if they’re particularly skilful at a game.

The update also adds video-on-demand features (a first for a Twitch app), plus the ability to pin specific games or channels to your Home screen for easy access.

Here’s a video from Microsoft showing the new filter features in action:


Got excited when I seen DayZ there. Hoping it was coming to xbox soon.

Unfortunately, DayZ is only coming to the PS4 atm. I do not know if it will be coming to the Xbox One.

According to a post I read about DayZ coming to consoles reads this: “Hall said that a console release of DayZ is “almost certain” and that he had been in talks with both Sony and Microsoft about PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions. He commented that he was happy for DayZ to be released on any console that is “indie-friendly,” but that he was put off by Microsoft’s ban on self-publishing and their history of charging money for game updates though the development team was not counting the Xbox One out. The development team will not be considering the console version further until the game has been released fully on PC”

Now that Xbox has the ID@Xbox program which allows Indie Game Devs to Self publish their own games, and Microsoft will not be charging devs for updates anymore which is a good thing, there should be no reason why they cannot release and Xbox One version of DayZ.

Honestly, I don’t think the game should be coming to consoles…yet.

It is still an almost unplayable alpha without much content, and I really hope early access doesn’t become a thing on consoles. It is a terrible idea to pay into a beta / alpha, and it is one that really just needs to go away.

I have it on PC, and it is a long way away from being finished. Such a great game too. Not sure it would fully work on a console.

Like I said I already have it on PC, but I barely play it now because of bugs and hackers.

According to the Devs, they wont be considering a Console Release until the game is fully released in 2016. Right now they only have DayZ being listed as coming out fully in 2016 while the PS4 version has a release date of TBA. Hopefully they announce an Xbox One Version closer to the actual full release date of DayZ

I still want Don’t starve and DCU Online :confused: