Two Point Hospital Cheats and Trainer for Steam

@MrAntiFun This trainer appears to be broken, I’m trying to do some of the dlc levels and it just crashes when I try to activate any of the cheats.

Game currently needs a update would also love a windows store version too


The Two Point Hospital cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Unlimited energy causes all actions and animations to freeze in what is currently happening, so people run in place, walk in place, machines dispense items forever and diagnosis/healing never ends.

Cheats not working after the new DLC…

Getting this too, sadly. @MrAntiFun is this something you can resolve ?

So this happened to me as well, but what I usually do is Toggle F1 (Unlimited Energy) On then Off quick. It refills the energy and it doesnt freeze. Hope this helps, even though temporarily.

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@MrAntiFun Thanks for updating

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Thank you! All of the codes are working again! <3

Still the same for me :slightly_frowning_face:

@MrAntiFun Would you be able to look at this when you can please ? Still not working for me. Everything freezes up on me, but only on the new hospital. All the other hospitals are working ok, though.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Cheats just suddenly stopped work for me. Strange.

If I use WeMod on the new hospital it doesn’t work. But is fine on all the other hospitals, hope this gets sorted soon! :slightly_smiling_face:

can we have a grant 100k instead of unlimited money i dont need unlimited money sometimes i just need a small amount. or instant research instead

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Unlimited energy/hygiene, etc do not work anymore - anything related to staff. Can you please check? Thanks!

tried unlimited money for a second, can’t sell items placed. Also hoping some update to a simple “add money”, since I just sometimes need a small shot of money

Hi, there is still the freezing problem on the new hospitals. They are running without problems, if you manage them like old hospitals and you forget the new rescue mechanic. But if you start your first rescue operation and sent a rescue vehicle, it will freeze when it comes back. Thats a big problem, because you need this new feature to manage the new hospitals. Would be great, if there would be a fix for the freezing or any hints! Thx a lot!

Playing around with the cheats and now even with them all toggled off patients are diagnosed to 100% on first GP visit, which kind of takes all the fun out of everything. How do I make this stop?!

so many people saying they have issues, but i havent noticed any problems at all. makes me think most of these people are just having personal user errors.