Two Worlds 2 Modding (How to extract the files correctly)

Here is a quick tutorial of how to properly extract your save so you can mod it.

[i][/i]TOOLS REQUIRED:[b][/b]
Offzip & Packzip
HEX Editor

  1. Open your save in Horizon (MODIO WILL NOT WORK!!!).

  1. Click the “Content” tab, right click the “mpchar” and select Extract.

  1. Open your Command Prompt (start>Run>cmd) and drag and drop your files in the order shown (If you aren’t running Win7, you’ll have to manually input the locations of the files).

  1. Offzip should find ONE file (0000001c.dat).

  1. Copy the 0000001c.dat file to where your mpchar file is. Now open it in your HEX Editor.

  1. It should look like this.

  1. After modding what you want drag and drop the files in order as I have them.

  1. Should pack the 0000001c.dat like this.

  1. Now drag and drop the tw2resign and your mpchar like this.

  1. Should get something like this.

  1. Replace your old mpchar with your newly modded one.

  1. Now press the “Save, Rehash, and Resign” button.

Hope this helps people.

This would work to mod money online so you could make a village? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes it works for online and offline. If you look at what file I’m using it the tutorial, it is a Multiplayer save :smiley:

how do you do a offline save

Same way but with the offline save.
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