[Typing] How To Cheat On Speed Test

Someone linked me this to this on Facebook, and seeing as it was written in JavaScript, i had to cheat haha.


Screenr - ABrunkhorst: Speed Test Cheating


How To
In Chrome, press CTRL + SHIFT + J, this brings you to the javascript developer console.

Then, paste following javascript into the console.

}, 10);

Now, it will advance you to the next word every time you hit the space key. The way this works, is there’s an array of words that is pulled from that site’s server every time you restart, and every time you hit space, it advances to the next word in the array. Every 10 milliseconds, it sets the input textbox to be the value of the current word in the array, thus “auto typing” the words.

try it out yourself, Typing Test - 10fastfingers.com

I didn’t know there was a leaderboard…whoopsie

Reppin’ XboxMB.

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lol nice tut :smile:

Is that the same site? Because I just hit 405wpm and I think it shall be quite fun to run up the board on there with an XMB name

Yes, but unfortunately it actually looks like they moderate the leaderboards. I got ~ 300 WPM and shortly after it was removed. That’s why i didn’t do a ridiculous amount, so it looks SOMEWHAT legitimate haha.

483 and no leaderboard, time to pace myself lmao

Doesn’t work for me.

What doesn’t work?

When I press space, nothing happens. It just starts the timer, and no words are typed.

once you paste the javascript into the console, then press enter, it should type the first word right away.

would it be possible to change it so any keystroke counts as a word?

Here is my score :laughing:

Lol doing this on facebook now, got about 1000 words correct.

Put a auto clicker on the on-screen keyboard pressing space :wink:

Does this work for FireFox?

Look at this, my hand is hurting lol.

Shows how fast i can wa^*k.

Hello…I am in a silly online game and your cheat program for the typist test isn’t working. Help! The typing test is http://www.rapidtyping.com/online-typing-games/fast-typer-game.html
Can someone help me out please? Thank you

Please don’t bump old threads. Austin posted the link this script was designed to work for and my guess is they’ve patched it by now.


fake n’ gay, tried it myself on chrome and explorer to be sure.