UBOAT Cheats and Trainer for Steam

only have one question HOW did you run out of fuel even without any cheat it’s pretty hard to run out of fuel so HOW JUST HOW

calm down it was a test.
i noticed the green bar near the fuel can on the world map going down so i just went in circles with “ahead flank” and waited.

Can confirm about the fuel. You cannot refuel because stores are at max despite still running out of fuel.

the fuel only goes down above a certain speed, i’ll max at 2/3 and it works fine

did you get this to work?
i am unable to save also

Hi MrAntiFun,

any ideas on the lack of ability to save a game?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I have an idea of what might be causing this save issue. I saved before using the money cheat and it saved. When I used the money cheat and attempted to save right after the game refused to save I don’t know if it has something to do with the game or the cheat itself. I don’t know if my personal testing is accurate though.

nevermind the save issue is happening a lot more now on other items

i am still unable to save. sorry bud we just have to wait.

At this point i am worried that when this does gets updated it will still be broken.

there an high chance for that maybe mrantifun should wait the nex big update to update the trainer ?

I mean yea that’s a possibility, I think the big thing is how far out is a new update to the game

the next one is going to change a lot of thing there a very high that it will break even more the trainer

Ich habe in diesem Spiel 2 Bugs zu melden zum einen funktioniert eine Cheat Funktion nicht schnelle Forschung zum anderen wenn man versucht seinen Spielstand zu speichern funktioniert dies auch nicht. ich hoffe sie können dieses Problem baldmöglich lösen danke schön

I have 2 Bugs to report in this game on the one hand a cheat function doesn’t work quick research on the other hand if you try to save your score it doesn’t work either. I hope you can solve this problem as soon as possible, thank you very much

i don’t think he can easily fix it i sugset going to a previous version of the game to use the cheat the game is in early acces and every time a new update comme out this trainer is more and more broken so for now the best thing is to wait for else the creator of the trainer that make a new update now and whe probably wont be able to use the cheat in the next update of the game or to wait for when the next game update come out and then ask for a update for the trainer

and personnaly i think the best is to wait for the next game update because it will come out later this year and it will add a lot of thing so there a very high chance that it will broke the trainer even more

What does the unlimited water cheat do? can someone explain that to me?

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Don’t use unlimited reputation and it’s work fine for me. If you want more reputation use console command instead.

Cheats need update. unable to even complete first tutorial. Thanks.

Yeah, seems like the money part of it is broken. Whenever cheats are enabled during a save, it will not add or subtract anything from the budget, and if you start a game with cheats on, it just says your budget is 0. I guess, at this point, it wouid be worth holding out until mid-October when 2022.1 comes out however.

that’s not new that most of the cheat are broken well in fact for me there are all broken so im waiting for the next update of the game and the update of the trainer