UBOAT Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Fast research is not working, but theres a mod for this so its not a big issue but unlimited money tends to corrupt a save file for some reason im only using wemod for god mode now and the rest with console commands.

maybe some test are needed to see what cause the trainer to corupt save game ?

can we have an update that fix that please ?

the cheats that corupt save games are unlimited discipline , unlimited money thats all i think

the wans that work are god mode , unlimited energy , no crew stress

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same issue here

i think that after some time something happen with the script and the save game get corupted because even if i does not activate the cheat that instant break the save after some time i can’t save anymore i tried to activate every cheat exept instant research unlimited money and unlimited discipline but after doing a mission and getting back to port i can’t save and the save get corrupt so more test are needed

I have tried loading the game a few times with the cheats activated and then enabling them after the game has launched and is running. The trainer has crashed the game each time I turn on the cheats.

If I activate Unlimited Reputation Points I get an error message when I want to save. If I then also click Exit, the error message also comes and the game crashes.
Other cheats can be activated, but if I buy something from the supplier, and then click on Save, the error comes again.


this need an update instead of making the game more easy it force the game into a iron man mod

Unlimited Battery seems not to be working

As already written by others, activating any cheat makes the game unable to save.
An update would be awesome.

What about an update to make it usable ?

The UBOAT cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

just tried to save and it giving the same error and not allowing you to do so.

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is latest trainer selected for you?.

yes Sir, even clicked the one released today in the history section. tried with and without cheats activated. did not allow me to save. also no mods. just clicked the download trainer button at top, installed, restarted everything and still not saving.

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Fast research doesn’t work.

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If I activate any cheats the game crashes. Latest version selected.

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i just did a test run to see if the cheat are still breaking the save but i still need to try after doing some mission and during mission because sometime on the last version of the cheat i could save but after sometime the save broke again

ok so it did break the save after sometime don’t know what did that didn’t pick a mission yet so it’s else researching some stuff break the save or upgrading or buying stuff or maybe changing the crew menber i don’t know could be the 5 at the same time

My game does not crash when using any cheats but i have other problems:

Activating the trainer alone breaks the budget system. Nothing is gained and nothing is substracted but you cant spent more then you currently have. Activating Unlimited money fixes it but for me personally thats too boring…

Unlimited Fuel sets the stored fuel on the boat to something like 99900000 but on the world map the percentage still goes down and at 0 the engines stop working (maybe setting it to 110000 fixes it since thats the “natural” max value?).

With “No Stress” active, the stress still goes up to 93% and stays there.

The cheats for O2, Battery and Morale are working for me. Dont know the others, since i dont use them.

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