UBOAT Cheats and Trainer for Steam

It will be two months to a year since the last trainer update. I guess it could be because MrAntiFun got bored with the game’s updates, so he stopped updating the trainer for this game.
If MrAntiFun or the forum admins can see this, hopefully it will fix a couple of these issues. Now these are the problems I found:1 German torpedoes become American torpedoes, like a huge iron bar. :rofl: I don’t know which option changes the torpedoes, but it shouldn’t be God Mode, because I just finished testing it.
2 Last year or earlier, I found that God Mode works on enemy planes. This is what I found out after shooting all 8,000 rounds of ammo at the time :(.
3 As many people have mentioned before, money automatically changes to a random negative value and makes it impossible to save the game, and the only solution is to always have infinite money on.
Discipline, fuel, oxygen, power, water and crew fatigue values all work for me. Crew Unlimited Health I haven’t tried to see if it still works.
Still waiting for MrAntiFun to update this trainer :slight_smile:

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Update pls


Please update this mode and add , a more ammo trainer or more slot space trainer , currently the game won t work with wemod and whe can t save with the trainer active, would also be nice if added a reveal locked target or increase the range of that you can what targets are near your uboat.

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The UBOAT cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements
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money goes to negative…
…fast reserch can’t use it…

Thanks for the update! Although the money value is still negative, it doesn’t seem to have much effect on game saves anymore. Looks like the big iron rod torpedoes are back to normal as well. :smile:
Even if trainer can’t use fast research and unlimited reputations points, there are mods and consoles that can fix the problem.

Forgot one thing, unlimited fuel is disabled, although it will change the value to 999,999,999, the fuel will still be reduced. And because of the game itself, the fuel will still be 99999999 even after removing the modification, which makes it impossible for you to replenish it.
One more thing to add: unlimited crew health will prevent your officers or sailors from being healed, which is also a problem caused by the game itself. When you try to know if your sailor is a sea wolf or a coward by increasing the pressure, some sailors will develop a heart condition, at which point the unlimited crew health will prevent your medic from treating him and you will have to watch him die. So turn this off when testing whether your sailor is a sea wolf or a coward. I think it’s some data or code in the game itself that’s causing these problems.

does the game still save ?

Just found out something new: God mode prevents torpedoes fired by other subs from doing damage.

unlimited oxygen, discipline, power, water and no stress do not work. they were working fine before on this save.


Fast Research not working.

I have the same problem with fast research, it does not work. I also have an issue with infinite diesel, it worked when I turned it on at sea, but when I got back to port it would not let me buy any diesel and when I left port again my tanks were only at about 40% and they were draining again even after I turned the cheat on and off again.

yeah same here

lowkey wishing for an update

I too am having an issue. Unlimited fuel is broken. Can’t fill up, and it doesn’t stop draining.

Can we seriously get a working update already? This hasn’t actually worked in years.

RIP this trainer. Pretty sure it’s abandoned.

Research instantly completes regardless of the instant research option being on or off, making it impossible to dismiss the research as it acts as though the research isn’t complete even though it says complete, thus locking the slot from use permanently.