UBOAT Cheats and Trainer for Steam

read the comment before your’s that should give you an answer

(not saying your dumb just saying that you should first read to see if your question was already answer)

please!!! :frowning:
make a way to activate cheats without damage the save game :frowning: please!!
make new update :cry:

that…plitch works with fuel…
in wemod never cheat fuel works for me
plitch it’s another app like wemod

Biggest issue I have with the trainer right now is that for some reason, God Mode also affects torpedoes, causing them to not detonate and instead push the target out of its way. Turns “U-Boat” into “Gunboat”

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no the biggest issue is that the trainer break the save

and the probleme you just said probably come from the game multiple people are complainging about torpedo failing to often

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fuel work not visualy but it does work

and you forgot to said that yes there is 34 option but only 3 are free wemod trainer are 100% free
plitch is just wemod for dumb people that don’t know wemod and don’t care about paying

Unlimited money automatically activates causing my save to be corrupted.


there is not much to learn how to use wemod, in fact, it is not necessary to take a course to do so…
and yet, I don’t think I forgot to mention anything, if you have 34 or 3 for being paid, but I know perfectly well what fuel you get with plitch, and the rest you get with wemod, and using wemod for a long time I believe that you don’t have to be an ass to the point of: can’t you? use cheatengine…because…you have to be either very stupid or very naive not to think of an important situation “who doesn’t have a dog, hunts with a cat”
does not work with wemod? I wait for a new update and nothing more will be posted unless a biological unknown comes to think that his opinion would be so brilliant, that he may well stick it where it shines less.
…mr antifun make scripts with cheat engine to…i don’t know if you know…cause…he works for wemod and cheat engine.
who use wemod for a long time, know that.
…I know I know…I forgot to mention how many cheats are in lefixer (cheatengine)…but it’s free!!

activating any of the “unlimited” options other than money bricks the save and prevents further saving.

This trainer is useless, it bricks the game save.

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very usefull thanks captaine obvious it’s not like there is hundred of other message that say the same thing in a more usefull way

the game is updated regulary for small fix and every time the trainer break
i would not even be surprise that mrantifun don’t want to even try fixing this trainer because every time 100 people comme rushing to yell that the trainer is broken we know it’s broken he also know that it is broken

when it break we should not all come and yel that it is broken we should come see if someone said that it was broken if there is no one we do not just say that it’s broken we say what is broken and how it is broken then we wait because we can’t do anything else

sending hundred of message won’t make the fix come faster it make it come slower

He’s not going to shag you mate. :wave:

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Maybe an update…

how could you say “yel” ?
no ones “yel” at the screen… only a insane guy who thinks that and must already done that to say something like that…or even “shut up” on the screen.
that is sad :S
I am astonished, perplexed by the density of constraints of conversations that come here to denigrate an IQ of the entire street… and how to explain the reason for such a situation…
nor write 30 times to wait for an update every time someone makes a post asking for a new update
I swear by all that there is!
it’s like the customer support line…it’s not because the phone line is full of pending calls waiting to complain about something…that things won’t get done
I swear to you… it could be due to other situations… but certainly not because the phone line is always busy… and this is just an example

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The Mod is still broken and needs to be updated


mods need to be updated or fixed, unlimited mods prevent the saving of game progress.

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Looks like they abandoned this trainer…

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many games that already being supported, could this game being unless supported?
we have to wait :S