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UBOAT Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Needs an update, about 3/4 of the options don’t work, including oxygen.

Needs an update, about 3/4 of the options don’t work, including oxygen.

At the moment, following options are not able to use (will be instantly deactived):

  • God Mode
  • Unl. Discipline
  • Unl. Fuel
  • Unl. Oxygene
  • Unl. Battery
  • Unl. Water
  • Unl. Crew Health

Could you kindly update the trainer.

Please request an update for this trainer via your WeMod desktop app.

  1. Open WeMod. Search for the game.
  2. Click the result in the left panel.
  3. Click “Request Update”.

The more requests it has via this method, the quicker an update happens. :slight_smile:

@Redeemer64, @Medic427, @Water1ce, @Simsi1986

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that is a rip off in my book … it didn’t say anywhere I will have to update to play a game when I signed on

It’s always been a thing here to vote to have trainers updated.
It let’s us know what is priority and who plays what the most

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Great game and you guys do a great job with the cheats as always.
Guys we need much much more votes fo the cheats. Go go go.

Guess what I’ve already done :wink: Today I also spent my monthly coins.
I just want to mention, that not all options are not working anymore.

By the way, I would also like to request to have instant repair for the boat and unlimited torpedos or unlimited inventory (I guess the last will necessary due game experience).

Looking forward for an update at all and I know it’s the curse of early access games to wait for trainer updates.

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Yes we are aware this needs an update and hope soon
Also when he updates this trainer he can see if it’s possible to add those other options to this :+1:

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Could i ask, is he working on a update to the trainer now?

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We don’t give out this information. He’ll get to it when he can. He has a lot of trainers.

vote guys go gogo

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Please update the trainer, unlimited Oxygen,
fuel etc. deactivate after turning them on.

Welcome to the community @tw1st31337. :slight_smile:

Please request an update for trainers through the correct method. This will help:

Even if there will be an updated trainer soon - we then have to hope that it will still work with next game update, too. Otherwise it will start from the beginning. The disadvantage of early access games :confused:

Unfortunately, updates tend to change the game’s code slightly, which means the trainer’s code will also have to be changed slightly in order to make it compatible again. It’s the curse of early access games and beyond WeMod’s control. :confused:

But while you’re waiting for trainer updates to be released, you could always grab a free game (or half a dozen) from here: :slight_smile:

Yes, as I already wrote. It’s of course not WeMod’s fault if a game update leads to some or general incompatibility. And it’s quite logical that a game with more frequent updates has a risk that it’s trainer isn’t working and it’s in general logical that early access games get more frequent updates (even if there are always exceptions depending on the activity of game developers).

Good advise for the free games - but as the most Steam users I have so many games, most of them have been never installed. So I have good possibiltites do discover games I have in my lib for years (643 titles in my Steam library, just 50 currently installed - and on top I have some titles in Origin or Uplay). And with the flatrates for Uplay, Origin and Xbox Live there are still more games to play beside of the games I own.

FYI - new version B127 is meanwhile in testing phase. So it might be good, that we haven’t yet reached the required points for trainer requests.

At the moment, 1173 points from 133 people. Only a few points left to reach 1398 points. Let’s go!

The only thing that work is Money, Research and Reputation Points. i really thank you if you can fix it.

Welcome to the community @Pestarzt and thanks for being Pro.

You need to request an update via the WeMod desktop app.
Link: How do I request an update for games? - WeMod Support