Ubuntu horizon download?

could you make horizon Ubuntu please? thank you in advance guys. :sunglasses:

Horizon is only for windows.

Won’t happen. Just dual boot with Windows, and use it there.

problem is i have service pack 1?

Then download a different service pack…

You have SP1 for windows 7? If so just wait for the update it. It should be coming along very quickly.

You can always do a fresh install of widows 7 without the integrated sp1

And we don’t plan on support Ubunt or and MAC OS any time soon.

how do i get rid of the sp 1 for w7?

If your computer came with it integrated there is no way other than doing a fresh install of an ISO without it. If you installed it yourself go just use the uninstall/change option.

darn it >.<

lol not gonna happen.

Noobland don’t freak out, you can still run Horizon in Windows 7 SP1. You have 2 options. One is to uninstall SP1, to do so go to Control Panel>Uninstall a program>Service Pack 1. Your second option is to run in compatibility mode, to do so right click on Horizon and click troubleshoot compatibility, it will detect the issues then let you run it in some Windows XP compatibility. I hope this helped.

ok ill try

Hmm, I heard there might be an update today though…

Search for and download a program called Wine, it will allow you to use windows applications on linux/mac. I use it and ubuntu 11.04 to run horizon and modio on my linux server.

Run it in wine.

Noobland, have you tried running Horizon through WINE in Ubuntu?

I haven’t tried it but i have ran multiple Windows specific applications in WINE on Ubuntu… I was using 10.04 LTS at the time…

I was in the same predicament a couple months back, had a party and my laptop got a nice cracked screen and a liquid bath, so i was forced to buy a new laptop and now have dual-boot, unfortunately Windows 7 w/ SP1, haha but i am definately down to wait for the “New” Horizon.

Sorry if I wasn’t able to help I tried…

you can use Ubuntu work with VMware can get Horizon on Windows


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