UI Error - Favoriting Game

On first launch, prior to using or favoriting any trainers, I was able to create and reproduce a very minor UI error.

Hover over the Quick Games list, and go down to Bloons TD 6 (one of the games already listed on the Quick Game List by default), and favorite the game.

The UI will get stuck at a black screen until the list is moved via scroll wheel or scroll bar.

This does not have any impact on reaching the games list as the error disappears as soon as the list position changes.

Happy to provide log files or a video of the process if needed.

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This has happened to me a number of times, but I’m unable to reliably reproduce it :confused: Good to see I’m not the only one…

@frank Sorry! I just noticed the client had a logging feature.

For this I opened WeMod, exited the settings menu, reproduced the error a couple of times, and then saved the log. I hope this helps in any way.

WeMod.log (9.6 KB)