Ultimate Jtag Guide

Hey guys,this guide was made by Joossshhh-x and myself. Although, I fixed it up a little more to my liking because I thought the XboxMB community deserved a nice guide for Jtags. So, here you go. :smile:


What a Jtag is

[details=Open Me]A jtag is an xbox 360 that runs unsigned codes. It allows you to access everything the xbox 360 has to offer , unlike a normal xbox which only gives you part.

If you run Xex menu . You can play xbox 360 games and emulators from it. You must have the games saved to your Hard drive device , which can be done by copying the dvd to your HDD or by extracting the .iso of a game and putting that on your HDD.

This also allows you to modify games that you have by changing the default.xex or default.mp.xex . For example , 10th lobbies for MW2 were made by modifying the game and loading them on a jtag via the default(.mp).xex.

You can also run custom made dashboards . Freestyle dash is one of them .These are a new dashboard layout for jtags . On a version of Freestyle dash I have you have the option to change the LED lights from Green - Orange - Red . . You can also change the fan speed and see the temperature of the CPU and the GPU .

A jtag is worth getting as in the long term they are a good investment if you buy games regually , for solo mode , as you dont have to purchase them . [/details]

How to make a Jtag

Open Me

How to JTAG your Xbox 360 and run homebrew

I will be going over how to install XBR and Xell onto your Xbox 360. Installing XBR allows you to do many things such run unsigned code(homebrew), install any sized hard drive(even 3.5in desktop hdds!), ftp into your box, and custom dashboards. There are endless possibilities with being able to run any code you want. You are able to modify Xbox 360 games to run custom maps and cheats. You can also launch games off the hard drive without a disc. It should cost you around $5 in parts, maybe even free if you have the parts already.

Finding out if your Xbox is exploitable

Your kernel must be kernel 2.0.7371.0 or lower for this to work. You can do this by opening up the system info tab. After there is one more step to check if it still is exploitable, but you have to build your cable to dump your nand first.

Getting your parts

Soldering iron
Computer with LPT port.

1x 25 pin d-sub connector (male or female depending on which kind of cable you have)
Digikey # 225FE-ND

1x 25 pin d-sub cable (lpt cable) You can actually skip the cable if you buy a male connector and make your wires long enough to extend from your xbox to the computer
Digikey # AE9863-ND

3x 330 ohm resistors (only for Xenon motherboards)
Digikey # P330BBCT-ND

1x 1n4148 switching diode (if you have Zephyr, Falcon, Opus or a Jasper get 3x of these)

Refer to the image below to tell what kind of 360 you have.

There has been a new update to the standard wiring you should use for the JTAG wiring on Xenon’s which requires just 2x 1n4148 diodes. I’ve never used this method before so I can’t really help as much if you have problems. But I would suggest going with it instead since it is supposed to be electrically superior and uses less parts so less room for failure I guess.

Soldering the cable

Soldering is generally pretty straight forward. You actually don’t need any solder for the motherboard end, as the holes all have solder in them. So you just need need to heat it up and slide the wire through. I suggest using at least a 30w iron as a 15w will have trouble getting the lead free solder hot enough. All resistors on the connector are optional, it’s just to prevent damage as some ports are 5v and the motherboard is 3.3v.

Here are some bigger pictures
All others

Recently there has been a new way to wire Xenons that is supposed to be better, I have never tried it but I have included the diagram on how to wire it.

Download the files here (I forgot to include nandpro get that here )
Extract the rar, and open up the nandpro folder
install port95nt.exe (if running vista or 7 set it for compatibility mode for xp.)
Plug your Xbox 360 in, but don’t power it on.
Plug the lpt cable in
Pop open cmd and change directories to your nandpro folder
type nandpro lpt: -r16 nand.bin
It will start to dump, this will take 35 minutes
Type nandpro lpt: -r16 nand2.bin and dump it a second time.

If during the dump it has trouble reading blocks, don’t worry. You only have a problem if can’t read block after block, which means something went wrong in the middle of the dump and you have to restart it again.

If you are having issues having nandpro detecting it, go over and double check all of your soldering. If you skipped out on the diode, try adding one, and just restarting your computer has fixed the issue quite a few times for me. You also want to make sure your cable is short as possible.

You’re going to want to open up degraded included in the file pack. Go to settings and under 1BL key make sure it says DD88AD0C9ED669E7B56794FB68563EFA and is checked. You are also going to want to change file system start to 39.

Open up your nand dump and look at the CB version

If your CB is the following you’re in luck!

Xenon: 888, 1902, 1903, 1920,1921, 8192
Zephyr: 4558, 4580
Falcon: 5761, 5766, 5770
Jasper: 6712, 6723
Jasper Arcade (256/512): 6723 or lower is Exploitable

If you are unsure if yours is exploitable, you can also check if CD = 8453, if it does you’re out of luck.

Extracting the keyvault, injecting and flashing XBR

Select the proper XBR for your motherboard included in the rar file and put it in your nandpro folder. Rename it to xbr.bin to make things easier.

Open up cmd, navigate to your nandpro folder and type

nandpro nand.bin: -r16 kv.bin 1 1
nandpro nand.bin: -r16 config.bin 3de 2

Then typenandpro xbr.bin: -w16 kv.bin 1 1
nandpro xbr.bin: -w16 config.bin 3de 2

Now for the flashing!

Just type and wait 35 minutes
nandpro lpt: -w16 xbr.bin

Getting your CPU key

Reassemble your 360, and boot your 360 with the DVD drive ejected. Or if you don’t have a DVD drive you can plug in a wired controller into the back usb port.

You should see a blue screen pop up and whole bunch of things fly by. When it says CPU fuses, your either going to want to write really fast or snap a picture.

fuseset 3 and 5 or 4 and 6 is your cpu key.

So if it said
fuseset 03:

fuseset 05:
My CPU key would be aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

It should 32 characters.

My avatar is not there

Usually your avatar will be a blank silhouette and it will tell you, you need to install an update to use them. All you need to do is download this update file, and place it on a USB flash drive, and plug it into any usb port of your xbox. Your 360 should detect it and install it. Make sure you extract it first and the root of the drive is the $SystemUpdate folder. You can also burn it to a disc to update.

Thats how to make a Jtag . Still confused PM me. [/details]

How to get Xex menu

[details=Open Me] You need the Xex menu download > MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service <
A content folder on your HDD.

If using a USB do this . If using a xbox HDD start at [ 5.]

  1. Format your USB on your xbox 360
  2. Plug your USB into your computer.
  3. In the root of the drive create a folder called content.
  4. Then another called 0000000000000000 . Thats 16 0’s .
  5. Put the CODE999 into the 000000000000000 folder. Using xport360 or xplore360 ( if using a xbox HDD )
  6. Remove your device from your computer .
  7. Plug your device into your Jtag.
  8. Go to games and Xex menu should be there.
  9. Load Xex menu.
  10. It should look like this . [details=Open Me][/spoil]

How to run a game on Xex menu

[details=Open Me]1. Turn on your jtag normally with no disc inserted.
2. Navigate through the dashboard like so : Games library > Xexmenu and start the application.
3. Navigate yourself into your HDD directory.
4. When in the directory, press “Y” to bring up an options list and select “Create”. Enter in a name and this will create a new folder for your game to be copied into.
5. Enter the folder by pressing “A” then once inside press “Y” and select the “Copy Dvd” option from the list.
6. This will eject your disc tray and prompt you with a confirmation screen.
7. Insert the disc and close the tray WITH YOUR HAND not the eject button.
8. Wait 5 - 10 seconds until you can feel the disc start spinning and then click the confirm button. Many people miss this step and it wont work if you do.
9. The game will now start copying. MAKE SURE THAT YOUR CONTROLLER DOES NOT TURN OFF DURING THIS PROCESS. If it does the copying of the ISO will stop and youre going to have to start all over again.
10. When its done copying, you have successfully completed the game installation congrats

How to extract a .iso and play it

[details=Open Me]

  1. Download or get the .iso you want . Example Need For Speed Hot pursuit.
  2. Download then Open Xbox Image Browser. Download here > MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service <
  3. Open the .iso by clicking , file , open image file ( on Xbox image browser )
  4. Right click the title of the game and click extract .
  5. Choose a location . A folder on your desktop called anything that tells you its the game .iso . I have called mine NFS HP.
  6. Drag the folder ( NFS HP ) to a usb with 8gb Min space left.
  7. Open Xex menu , copy the game to your HDD via Xex menu .
  8. Go to your game , default.xex and play it [/details]

Getting around AP2.5

Open Me

As in the above tutorial how to extract a .iso.
1.When you have extracted the .iso via Xbox Image browser , locate the game files.
2. Delete $System update .
3. Open Create iso.
4. Create iso. >MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service <
5. Open ISO2GOD . > http://www.megauploa…om/?d=L5IGMRLK<
6. Open rebuilt ISO then extract with ISO2GOD.
7. Get the folder , example 5136gh78
8. Put the folder into the 16 0’s folder in content.
9. Go to games libary and play the game. ON your Jtag .

Pictures Coming soon .

Flashing your KV

[details=Open Me]
You Will Also Need Your Flash dmp.bin , CPU Key , DVD Key, And DVD Drive Info. And Obviously A KV!

The First Thing You Wanna Do Is Open Flash 360. Hit Settings , Keys , Then Where It Says CPU Key Check The Box + Copy + Paste Your Key Into There.
Next, Open Your Flashdmp.bin Then Hit Import Click Your Keyvault And Then Hit Ok. Save It As… (You Can Save It As Anything.)
3rd, Open That File You Just Saved, Hit Patch, Patch Key Vault Then Copy And Paste YOUR DVD Key In There And Put Your DVD Drive In There AND DO NOT CHANGE THE REGION. Save It As Updflash.bin & Put On Your USB And FLASH IT! [/details]

Updating to the Kinect Dashboard

Open Me


FreeBoot > MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service <
A Jtagged xbox 360
A USB memory device
Flash360 on your jtag
Your CPU
9199 Nand

  1. Open EFB.exe it is located in the Freeboot folder.
  2. Click Create image
  3. Select the nand for you 9199 dashboard.
  4. Enter your CPU .
  5. Wait for the CMD to finish , once finished hit the enter key twice . Updflash will now be saved to your computer.
  6. Put Updflash on your USB
    7.Go to Flash360 , which is on Xex menu.
  7. Flash by pressing a,b,start,start,a
  8. Unplug the power cable from your Jtag . DONT TURN OFF WITH THE BUTTON
  9. Plug Power cable back in , the go through the new dashboard set up .
  10. Go to system settings and now see your Jtag is at 12611 kernel.

How to get kinect to work

If you have the 12611 kernel when you plug kinect to your Jtag , you will be prompted to update . Update no harm can be done as it is only for avatar support.
If you cant update because you are banned or for any other reason .
Download this > Link available soon <
Put the $System Update in the root of your USB then when you turn your Jtag on it will update.
You can burn this to a disc and install through Xell as well .

How to put DLC on a Jtag

Open Me


A HEX editor:
DLC patcher:
The DLC you want: get it off a friend or look at these links i setup: Here (Just a txt doc with links in it)
DLC you downloaded on your own XBL account (can be free)
A Jtaged xbox
The latest TU for the game your DLC is for (found in cache folder on xbox HDD (if game has the update))
A normal xbox (to download DLC from your profile)

Retrieving our license key

First off you want to open DLCPatcher.exe and click open file and locate the DLC what you own.

Open Me

on the second line down you will see some numbers and letters (i hid half of mine). That is your license, its tied to your XBL account and the DLC needs that licence to work on your account so make a note of this as you will need it later.

Getting the DLC ready to put your key into

Now you need to Yaris Swap the DLC before you put your key into it, This may already be done if you downloaded it from the internet but to check load up the DLC in DLC patcher and it will look like this: [details=Open Me][/details]

Now we need to get our DLC to look like like that so if it already does you can move onto the next spoiler, if it doesn’t keep reading.

Open up YarisSwap.exe and locate the DLC you want

Open Me

Then hit the “Hex mod - Yaris Swap” button (its hard to miss)

Open Me

Now you have Yaris swapped the file, if you open it in DLC Patcher you will see the FFFF’s

Open Me

Hexing in your own license

Open Me

Now we have to enter our own license what we found earlier into the DLC we want.
To do this we need to open our DLC in a hex editor

Now use Ctrl+F to start a search and key in:
ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff

make sure type is selected as Hex!

Open Me

when you click find you should see something like this:
The parts of the HEX are color coded with the parts you saw in the DLC Patcher.

Open Me

what you now want to do is replace the RED and YELLOWFFFFFFFF’s with your license.
For example, if ,my license was a1 00 00 2e 9d 4e 00 e1 it would look like this:

Open Me

Then you will click save and it should save within a couple of seconds.

Open Me

If something like this appeared for a long period of time it means that you have added extra data not overwritten it so you should quit the HEX editor and load a fresh copy

Now, once you have successfully saved the file, if you open it up in DLC Patcher again you should see something like this where a100002e9d4e00e1 would be your license:

[details=Open Me][/spoil]
Then you should be done

Adding emulators to your jtag

Open Me


Jtagged xbox 360
5gb space on HDD
An external HDD ( 360 as well is better )

Both can be downloaded here > <

  1. Download SNES360 and Genesis360
  2. Put them here on the HDD . Hdd1:/content/0000000000000000/HERE
  3. Make a folder on the root of the external hdd called _Emus underscore needed.
  4. Then in _Emus make another folder called Genesis360 then put roms inside that.
    It should look like this _Emus/Genesis360/Roms/
  5. Any roms go in the roms folder .
  6. Repeat the Process of 4-5 but with SNES360 instead of Genesis 360 . Still the same folders and still inside _Emus.

You can find SNES360 and Genesis360 on your NXE dashboard by going to , Games Library.

Installing Roms to your Emulators

Open Me
  1. Download any roms from here > http://www.rom-world…ntendo&letter=S <
  2. Put the Rom in HDD/_Emus/SNES360 ( Or Genesis360 ) /Roms/Put the roms here.
  3. The load up the Emulator you saved the rom to.
  4. On the Emulator go to games
  5. Press RB to change the memory device until you find your device
  6. Play the Rom

You can do this with any rom from the site listed above .

How to install FreeStyle Dash

Open Me


Jtagged xbox360
Freestyle Dash Download here > link up soon <

  1. Put your USB external HDD into the back usb port
  2. Copy the 4 folders ( freestyle, source, launch, and FSDindexer ) to the root of the device . The HDD must be formated to FAT32
  3. Load by going to the Freestyle folder and loading the Xex

To get Freestyle dash on Games library

  1. Get the freestyle-usb located in launch folder
  2. Put the freestyle-usb here Hdd1:\Content\0000000000000000\CODE9999\00007000\here
  3. Go to games library and load it , if its not there check recent games or quick launch.

Hope this helps you guys out. If it does then i’'m happy :smile: Special thanks to Joossshhh for helping me make this

Even though this looks like you put a lot of time into it, I think we have one of these.


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