Unable to download any files (insufficient permissions)

I have tried to download several trainers for different games. Each one gives me an “insufficient permissions” error, and each download is canceled. I have this issue on multiple browsers. I only have the issue with WeMod files. How can fix this?

Welcome to the WeMod community. :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear about this issue you’re having.

First of all, the insufficient permissions error is a well-known bug that affects Chrome browser as well as other browsers using the open-source Chromium engine (Opera, Brave, Edge, etc). There are several potential reported fixes by different people:

  1. Via the browser settings, make sure the location where the browser wants to download software into isn’t set to a restricted read-only part of the OS which is only supposed to be used for critical windows files.
  2. Make sure the folder that the browser wants to save downloads to has permissions for all users to access.
  3. Via the browser settings, change the location where downloads will save on your machine.
  4. Launch the browser as administrator.
  5. Delete (via Windows’ built-in ‘Add Or Remove Programs’ feature in control panel) and then reinstall the browser.

The last report of this issue on chromium browsers that I can find was in March this year via Chrome’s forum. Chrome staff over there seem to have closed the bug reporting thread without even replying to it. :thinking:

If that doesn’t help then there is probably a security program interfering with downloading trainers. Follow the instructions in this post: Can’t Install WeMod
The first post in the thread by another user doesn’t exactly 100% describe your issue, but follow those steps anyway, :slight_smile:

Keep us updated.