Unable to download cheats all games!

Each time I hit Play (exe file correct, triple checked it) it comes up with this error…

Firewall turned off and I’ve also added exemption

Try disabling your antivirus then restart WeMod.

AV turned off as well as run as admin still getting error

I know this sounds trivial, but uninstall WeMod via control panel then remove the WeMod folder if it’s still there after the uninstall (C:\Users\YOURUSER\AppData\Local\WeMod). Reboot your PC then reinstall from here: https://www.wemod.com/download. Be sure to keep your AV disabled.

still a no go, will work on this tomorrow as work is beckoning… until tomorrow!

I will wait for your result!

Also try this install: https://api.wemod.com/infinity/download.

So quick question, do you have Comcast/xfinity?

I have fixed this I was obtaining a corrupt file from the steam market for one game causing all to not download. Yes I do have Comcast(unfortunately only ISP in my area)…

Glad you got it working! Also keep this in mind as Comcast had started enabling their own extra security