Unable to install Horizon, Says I do not have proper privileges

I’m having issues trying to install Horizon, even when I run the installer as administrator. (via both the right-click menu and the ‘run as administrator’ check-box in the compatibility section of properties)

I have even tried running the installer in compatibility mode as well to no avail.
Every attempt to install it gives me this error when it gets to about 90% completion.

Furthermore, once I press ‘ok’ and close the box it will say it has installed completely and prompt me to run Horizon upon closing the installer.

Deactivate your Antivirus and add the installer to its exceptions

Not applicable as everything is deactivated, and still no success.
I even went as far as adding an outbound rule in windows firewall for the install to give it full connectivity, and that did not work either. I got the same results as mentioned in OP. Thanks for the suggestion though.