Unable to load Skyrim save on PC

I finally got Skyrim for PC so I could mod my Xbox 360 saves, but when I got the save transferred to PC I get an error message saying “The savegame cannot be loaded because it is outdated. Its version is 0 and the current version is 8.” I have not done any updates to my Xbox for Skyrim, as they cause more problems than they solve I’ve heard. The version on my PC is listed as which if I understand correctly is the totally updated/patched version. Does anyone know if you can remove these patches or revert to the original version? I will I have to completely uninstall and install the original version?(if I can find it).

I hope this makes sense. I’m a total newbie to anygames on PC. I’ve always played Xbox.

Thanks in advance to any help!

For your first post this is well detailed.

Basically the unupdated version of Skyrim from the xbox was not cross platform / not updated ENOUGH for the pc version. What you need to do is update your skyrim version on your xbox and then re-save the game. Then mod your save from PC by changing the savegame.dat in the .exs file from your xbox to a savegame.ess mod it then change it back to a .dat then replace the .dat in the .exs.

Basically you need to have the fully updated version of skyrim on your xbox for it to work. And there is no current way to down-grade your pc version of skyrim to enable the cross platform save data.

So the problem was I was attempting to use the .exs file. Newbie mistake. >.<

I figured out how to extract the savegame.dat file and it will load. But the loading screen just keeps going and going. The game wont start. Ideas?

ETA it did eventually load after about 5 minutes. My computer is not the greatest for handling Skyrim… So everything is very slow.

Try setting the resolution on low. It works a lot faster then.

I will try changing the resolution for future uses. And thanks for the help Hybrinity, in the end I did have to update my Xbox before I could load the modded save.

And thank you also Hybrinity for answering my unasked question. I too just bought Skyrim for the PC so I can mod for myself, my xbox saves.