Unable turn off cheat sounds

First love Wemod, thank you amazing program.
My question is unable to turn off cheat sounds? Steps I tried.

  1. Went too customization tab in settings, and set it off, but still hear the beep when activating the cheat.
  2. Tried turning it back on and off.
  3. Tried uninstalling it WeMod.
    restarted pc and reinstalling WeMod.
  4. Tried 6 other games still getting sound.

working fine about 4 months ago, Then I had left for training, came back a month ago, now getting sound.

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First things first, make sure WeMod is updated. You could also set the sounds to off then close the WeMod process in task manager then open WeMod to verify sounds are still off before playing a game. I know these are trivial steps to take, but sometimes the solution is much simpler than the problem.


Tried all steps, still sound. Thank you trying.

Could be a weird issue with antivirus. Verify that WeMod is on the exception list of your antivirus even if you only have Windows Defender. We may have to escalate this to one of the admins if nothing obvious fixes this.

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I have Norton tried to exception list but no go.
Tried disable Norton altogether and still making sound.
Tried run WeMod as Admin no go.
For now pick another sound option, it’s more quiet then loud beep.

Only other thing I can recommend is a clean reinstall. Run the uninstall from control panel then check in the C:\Users’your user’\AppData\Local\WeMod, and delete it. Then install from the site.

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I mean the sound only lasts for a second. Click , beep, done ?
If you cant disable it lower the volume when you click on a cheat

…it’s definitely way better to alt-tab out of the game everytime and check if a cheat has been enabled or not :wink: Silently…

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I agree last for a second. Don’t mind it, but if I have sound set too off should work.

Just tried that, still receiving sound after tried your steps. I appreciate you trying help.
Leaving in a few days military deployments won’t be on awhile.

SunBeam thank you for making amazing safe program. I have 3 monitors, just put WeMod on one of them while gaming.

You helped me a lot, thank you. :slight_smile: , even with it closed, when I pressed the keybinds connected to the cheats for the game while it being closed, the cheat activation/deactivation sound played all the time, so I opened task manager and ended every Wemod task. Thanks for your help.

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fyi - I had a problem whereby each step I took caused a beep. I was able to alt-tab to the desktop, then alt-tab back to the game and it went away.

It still does that, even after an alt-tab. If I force-kill WeMod, it goes away. But as long as WeMod is running, the sound is there. So much for buying Pro…