Undertale Cheats and Trainer for Steam

all the cheats dont work i can use them but with no effect

it works for the whole game untill super flowey then it take damage please fix i can’t beat him otherwise

it no work it cant find my game

It works. Click on the fix button and find your exe where you downloaded the game to
This is for the steam store bought version of the game.

This is a very nice mod! I have suggestions, though.

  • Increase/decrease speed
  • Unlimited Item Use
  • Automatic Dialogue Skip
  • Go to a certain area: (Ruins, Snowdin, Waterfall(1), Waterfall(2), Hotland, NewHome)
    And perhaps, if you can:
  • Add endings on there for different outcomes (Add Genocide, Add True Pacifist, Add Neutral)

Yikes, something was detected in virustotal and my antivirus doesn’t like it.

Ya it’s a false positive its 100 % safe. That will pop up once and awhile if you check the search has been gone over a couple times.

I haven’t used this yet. Will the cheating dog appear if I use this?

Yes. The unlimited health cheat don’t work in omega flowey fight.

add cheats for window store pls

It would be nice if you could update if so we can use INF health for the Mega flowey fight

why not add cheats for the windows store

does not work.

It don’t work pls do a new version

hey im using a steamunlocked version why don’t it work

can you add set game speed pls.