Undisputed Cheats and Trainer for Steam

The Undisputed cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements
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game crashes when I try loading in a match

If it’s an online match, then that’s why.
The trainer isn’t made for online play, and will always either not work or crash the game when trying to go into an online match.

Hello GreenHouse, I hope this message finds you well. I am interested in discussing the Undisputed WeMod Trainer with you and would appreciate the opportunity to ask some questions. If possible, could we connect on Discord? Your insights would be incredibly valuable in the potential development of a modding platform for the game. Thank you in advance.

Unfortunately this no longer seems to be working, as of the February 12, 2024 update.


After update 0.7 Career Mode, mods are no longer working. As always thank you for the great work @GreenHouse


I could only get unlimited round to work

Game has been updated so no longer working @GreenHouse Thanks for the work yo do.

I hope it will work…

Im sure it will eventually

@GreenHouse Will we be getting an update soon?



The career mode update came out. The trainer needs another update.

I’d love to see a super stats for career mode since its offline and extra cash too :smiley:

Please update mods don’t work and is it possible for the career mode to be supported?

Any idea when update for trainer will be? I’m so eager to try this Career Mode :slight_smile:

The Undisputed cheats have been updated!


  • [Career] No Injuries cheat added
  • [Career] Set Age cheat added
  • [Career] Set Weight cheat added
  • [Career] Set Fight Sharpness cheat added
  • [Career] Set Energy cheat added
  • [Career] Set Fame cheat added
  • [Career] Set Money cheat added
  • [Career] Set Money Reward Multiplier cheat added
  • [Career] Set Fame Reward Multiplier cheat added
  • [Career] Set Coach Affinity Reward Multiplier cheat added
  • [Career] Set Staff XP Reward Multiplier cheat added
  • [Career] Set Stat Gain Multiplier cheat added
  • [Career] All Fight Negotiations Successful cheat added
  • [Career] Infinite CC Stat Points cheat added
  • [Career] Remove CC Stat Limit cheat added
  • [Career] Current Slider Min Value cheat added
  • [Career] Current Slider Max Value cheat added
  • [Career] Current Slider Step Size cheat added

Excellent!! Thanks for the massive update… this is the only game that will make me put down Fight Night: Champions :smiley:

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Updated within a day. You are so awesome. Thank you!

hotfix released after this maybe causing issues. Mine now stuck in “loading”