Undisputed Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Any loading problems come from the game, not the Trainer.

Would it be possible to add the option:
Gain 5 rank after every fight? Sometimes after a fight, we remain same rank.
With new career, and 5 rank in all leagues and divisions, we get to the top 5 fighters a lot faster.
With gain 5 rank i mean, if you ranked 50, then u do a fight, and then ur ranked 45, then after another fight your ranked 40 etc etc

Current Slider Min and Max do not work can’t make bigger or smaller boxers

currently everything I do while having the trainer open causes my stamina to drain instantly with a single jab, am I doing something wrong?

yeah this just doesn’t work online

No issues on my end since the release of the latest trainer

The Undisputed cheats have been updated!


  • [Career] No Morph Limits cheat added
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There is still no cheat to remove Trait Stat Point limit removal for creating a boxer.

i tried to create a new fighter in career mode and the no morph limits doesn’t work. or at least i don’t think as it still only adds like 3 cm.

same here the new no morph limit doesn’t work hopefully soon or maybe we are doingit wrong is there a certain way to do it

@HyperPacksMeat @OpticalQuilt367
It works properly. You need to combine it with [Career] Current Slider Min Value and [Career] Current Slider Max Value. So you can go beyond the Min and Max. Then the No Morph Limits mod makes the morph have no limits.

I tried it, but idk how it works as I tried to increase my reach and when I set it all up like you said and increase the in-game bar to set the reach, I increased the number in the max value to like 20000 and nothing happened.

Edit: Okay nvm I understand now, but now I don’t know what my reach is and I hope since it was 195cm and I increased it the max value to 200 that I did it right cause idk tbh how id make my reach specifically 220cm and my height 193cm at Heavyweight

would you be able to help me when this when you figure out my discord is alex.ly that would be super helpful thanks

what are you trying to do if i can ask?

get the arms or height to be taller than usually for whichever respective weight class

i think me and OpticalQuilt367 still need some more help with this as I don’t really know how this works still…

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