Unhandled exception: 0xe0434f4d in 32-bit code

Type of Problem: Unknown crash causing Horizon to close upon startup.
OS: Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS 32-bit (Note: Horizon is ran in wine version wine-1.6.2)
Antivirus/Firewall installed: None.

First popup

Second popup

[details=Program Error Details (dumps/backtrace.txt)]Unhandled exception: 0xe0434f4d in 32-bit code (0x7b83aace).
Register dump:
CS:0073 SS:007b DS:007b ES:007b FS:0033 GS:003b
EIP:7b83aace ESP:0032e7e4 EBP:0032e858 EFLAGS:00000287( - – I S - -P-C)
EAX:7b82695d EBX:7b8b5000 ECX:80131534 EDX:0032e808
ESI:e0434f4d EDI:e0434f4d
Stack dump:
0x0032e7e4: 0032e8a0 00000004 017259e4 e0434f4d
0x0032e7f4: 00000001 00000000 7b83aace 00000001
0x0032e804: 80131534 790c20c8 79fd4e9d 00000036
0x0032e814: 790c2000 00000036 00000006 790fabcc
0x0032e824: 79e7be3f e0434f4d 0032e8a0 790c2000
0x0032e834: 02000036 0032e84c 79e814da 0032e858
=>0 0x7b83aace in kernel32 (+0x2aace) (0x0032e858)
1 0x79f97065 in mscorwks (+0x127064) (0x0032e8c8)
2 0x7a05b942 in mscorwks (+0x1eb941) (0x0032e904)
3 0x7a05b9eb in mscorwks (+0x1eb9ea) (0x0032e930)
4 0x7a05b9f6 in mscorwks (+0x1eb9f5) (0x0032ea24)
0x7b83aace: subl $4,%esp
Module Address Debug info Name (88 modules)
PE 400000- 12d2000 Deferred horizon
PE 5e380000-5e409000 Deferred diasymreader
PE 60000000-6008d000 Deferred horizon
PE 64020000-64033000 Deferred mscorsec
PE 78130000-781cb000 Deferred msvcr80
PE 79000000-79045000 Deferred mscoree
PE 79060000-790b3000 Deferred mscorjit
PE 790c0000-79ba6000 Deferred mscorlib.ni
PE 79e70000-7a3d1000 Export mscorwks
ELF 7b800000-7ba5b000 Dwarf kernel32<elf>
-PE 7b810000-7ba5b000 \ kernel32
ELF 7bc00000-7bcdb000 Deferred ntdll<elf>
-PE 7bc10000-7bcdb000 \ ntdll
ELF 7bf00000-7bf04000 Deferred <wine-loader>
ELF 7d87c000-7d899000 Deferred libgcc_s.so.1
ELF 7d899000-7d8b3000 Deferred sxs<elf>
-PE 7d8a0000-7d8b3000 \ sxs
ELF 7dc46000-7dc5a000 Deferred psapi<elf>
-PE 7dc50000-7dc5a000 \ psapi
ELF 7dc5a000-7dcc2000 Deferred dbghelp<elf>
-PE 7dc60000-7dcc2000 \ dbghelp
ELF 7dcc2000-7ddf8000 Deferred oleaut32<elf>
-PE 7dce0000-7ddf8000 \ oleaut32
ELF 7ddf8000-7e02b000 Deferred shell32<elf>
-PE 7de10000-7e02b000 \ shell32
ELF 7e071000-7e0f2000 Deferred rpcrt4<elf>
-PE 7e080000-7e0f2000 \ rpcrt4
ELF 7e0f2000-7e22e000 Deferred ole32<elf>
-PE 7e110000-7e22e000 \ ole32
ELF 7e22e000-7e270000 Deferred rsaenh<elf>
-PE 7e230000-7e270000 \ rsaenh
ELF 7e270000-7e28a000 Deferred imagehlp<elf>
-PE 7e280000-7e28a000 \ imagehlp
ELF 7e28a000-7e2c1000 Deferred uxtheme<elf>
-PE 7e290000-7e2c1000 \ uxtheme
ELF 7e2c1000-7e3c8000 Deferred comctl32<elf>
-PE 7e2d0000-7e3c8000 \ comctl32
ELF 7e3c8000-7e497000 Deferred crypt32<elf>
-PE 7e3d0000-7e497000 \ crypt32
ELF 7e497000-7e4ce000 Deferred wintrust<elf>
-PE 7e4a0000-7e4ce000 \ wintrust
ELF 7e4ce000-7e576000 Deferred msvcrt<elf>
-PE 7e4e0000-7e576000 \ msvcrt
ELF 7e576000-7e57c000 Deferred libxfixes.so.3
ELF 7e57c000-7e587000 Deferred libxcursor.so.1
ELF 7e587000-7e597000 Deferred libxi.so.6
ELF 7e597000-7e59b000 Deferred libxcomposite.so.1
ELF 7e59b000-7e5a6000 Deferred libxrandr.so.2
ELF 7e5a6000-7e5b1000 Deferred libxrender.so.1
ELF 7e5b1000-7e5b7000 Deferred libxxf86vm.so.1
ELF 7e5b7000-7e5bb000 Deferred libxinerama.so.1
ELF 7e5bb000-7e5c2000 Deferred libxdmcp.so.6
ELF 7e5c2000-7e5c6000 Deferred libxau.so.6
ELF 7e5c6000-7e5e8000 Deferred libxcb.so.1
ELF 7e5e8000-7e71c000 Deferred libx11.so.6
ELF 7e71c000-7e72f000 Deferred libxext.so.6
ELF 7e733000-7e747000 Deferred softpub<elf>
-PE 7e740000-7e747000 \ softpub
ELF 7e749000-7e7db000 Deferred winex11<elf>
-PE 7e750000-7e7db000 \ winex11
ELF 7e85b000-7e884000 Deferred libexpat.so.1
ELF 7e884000-7e8bf000 Deferred libfontconfig.so.1
ELF 7e8bf000-7e8e7000 Deferred libpng12.so.0
ELF 7e8e7000-7e901000 Deferred libz.so.1
ELF 7e901000-7e9a1000 Deferred libfreetype.so.6
ELF 7e9bb000-7ead8000 Deferred gdi32<elf>
-PE 7e9d0000-7ead8000 \ gdi32
ELF 7ead8000-7ec32000 Deferred user32<elf>
-PE 7eaf0000-7ec32000 \ user32
ELF 7ec32000-7ecac000 Deferred shlwapi<elf>
-PE 7ec40000-7ecac000 \ shlwapi
ELF 7ecac000-7ed1e000 Deferred advapi32<elf>
-PE 7ecc0000-7ed1e000 \ advapi32
ELF 7ed1e000-7ed40000 Deferred libtinfo.so.5
ELF 7ed40000-7ed65000 Deferred libncurses.so.5
ELF 7ef65000-7ef72000 Deferred libnss_files.so.2
ELF 7ef72000-7ef7e000 Deferred libnss_nis.so.2
ELF 7ef7e000-7ef97000 Deferred libnsl.so.1
ELF 7ef97000-7efa0000 Deferred libnss_compat.so.2
ELF 7efa0000-7efe6000 Deferred libm.so.6
ELF 7efe6000-7f000000 Deferred version<elf>
-PE 7eff0000-7f000000 \ version
ELF b73a8000-b7558000 Deferred libc.so.6
ELF b7558000-b755d000 Deferred libdl.so.2
ELF b755e000-b757a000 Deferred libpthread.so.0
ELF b7594000-b7749000 Dwarf libwine.so.1
ELF b774b000-b776d000 Deferred ld-linux.so.2
ELF b776d000-b776e000 Deferred [vdso].so
process tid prio (all id:s are in hex)
00000008 (D) C:\Program Files\Daring Development\Horizon\v2\Horizon.exe
0000002b 2
0000002a 0
00000009 0 <==
0000000e services.exe
00000026 0
00000025 0
0000001e 0
00000016 0
00000010 0
0000000f 0
00000012 mscorsvw.exe
0000001b 0
0000001a 0
00000019 0
00000013 0
00000014 explorer.exe
00000029 0
00000015 0
0000001c winedevice.exe
00000024 0
00000021 0
00000020 0
0000001d 0
00000022 plugplay.exe
00000028 0
00000027 0
00000023 0
System information:
Wine build: wine-1.6.2
Platform: i386
Host system: Linux
Host version: 3.13.0-37-generic[/details]

[details=Entire console log]espy@Farlo:~$ cd “/home/espy/.wine/dosdevices/c:/Program Files/Daring Development/Horizon/v2”
espy@Farlo:~/.wine/dosdevices/c:/Program Files/Daring Development/Horizon/v2$ wine Horizon.exe
fixme:thread:SetThreadStackGuarantee (0x32fc68): stub
err:dbghelp:SymCleanup this process has not had SymInitialize() called for it!
fixme:imm:ImmDisableIME (-1): stub
fixme:thread:NtQueryInformationThread Cannot get kerneltime or usertime of other threads
fixme:thread:NtQueryInformationThread info class 9 not supported yet
fixme:thread:NtQueryInformationThread info class 9 not supported yet
fixme:thread:NtQueryInformationThread info class 9 not supported yet
fixme:advapi:RegisterEventSourceW ((null),L".NET Runtime 2.0 Error Reporting"): stub
fixme:advapi:ReportEventW (0xcafe4242,0x0001,0x0000,0x000003e8,(nil),0x0008,0x000000ec,0x3009a1b4,0x5ec590): stub
err:eventlog:ReportEventW L"horizon.exe"
err:eventlog:ReportEventW L""
err:eventlog:ReportEventW L"5432d091"
err:eventlog:ReportEventW L"kernel32.dll"
err:eventlog:ReportEventW L"5.1.2600.2180"
err:eventlog:ReportEventW L"00000000"
err:eventlog:ReportEventW L"0"
err:eventlog:ReportEventW L"0002aace"
fixme:advapi:DeregisterEventSource (0xcafe4242) stub
err:ole:CoInitializeEx Attempt to change threading model of this apartment from multi-threaded to apartment threaded
err:ole:CoInitializeEx Attempt to change threading model of this apartment from multi-threaded to apartment threaded
fixme:richedit:ME_HandleMessage EM_SETMARGINS: stub
fixme:richedit:ME_HandleMessage EM_SETMARGINS: stub
err:ole:CoUninitialize Mismatched CoUninitialize
err:ole:CoUninitialize Mismatched CoUninitialize

Unhandled Exception: System.TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for ‘A.PQ’ threw an exception. —> System.TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for ‘A.KYB’ threw an exception. —> System.TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for ‘A.IYB’ threw an exception. —> System.TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for ‘A.KOI’ threw an exception. —> System.TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for ‘A.SYB’ threw an exception. —> System.InvalidProgramException: Common Language Runtime detected an invalid program.
at A.GQK.Horizon()
at A.SYB.ZYXDNGuard()
at A.SYB…cctor()
— End of inner exception stack trace —
at A.SYB.E(Int32 E, Int32 H, Int32 I)
at A.KOI.ZYXDNGuard()
at A.KOI…cctor()
— End of inner exception stack trace —
at A.KOI.E(Int32 E)
at A.IYB.ZYXDNGuard()
at A.IYB…cctor()
— End of inner exception stack trace —
at A.IYB.Horizon(Int64 E, Stream H)
at A.KYB.ZYXDNGuard()
at A.KYB…cctor()
— End of inner exception stack trace —
at A.KYB.Horizon(Int32 E)
at A.PQ.ZYXDNGuard()
at A.PQ…cctor()
— End of inner exception stack trace —
at A.PQ.Horizon(String E)
wine: Unhandled exception 0xe0434f4d in thread 9 at address 0x7b83aace (thread 0009), starting debugger…

1.) This is all of the information regarding Horizon that I can provide. Other information such as system details must be asked for (and probably showed how to get).
2.) This could be error 5 on Horizon Support page, where .NET Framework 3.5 is not installed. That version of .NET can not be installed on my operating system (Not supported / Invalid wget destination)

EDIT: You cannot use Horizon on a phone, tablet, mac, only on a Windows computer.

Horizon is only availble for Windows. Unless you can run on a Windows Virtual Machine, you’re out of luck, sorry!

Any windows application can be played on Linux. I’ve reviewed my console, apparently it’s saying I have an outdated .NET framwork.

Does the latest version of .NET (4.0) work with Horizon, or is it a certain version?

I am going to close this thread since Pavman provided information regarding the OPs problem and giving him/her specific information why the OP wouldn’t be able to use Horizon on their OS/Device.

Sorry that you cannot use Horizon, I advise you if you have a Windows computer around to download Horizon on that device.


Anything above 3.5 will let Horizon run.
Unfortunately though, unless I’ve been uninformed, Horizon does not work on any other OS other than Windows.

If you do need a save(s) modified, feel free to PM me with the save and I’ll help you out :smile: