Unreleased MLG Gamerpictures

Unreleased MLG Gamerpic’s on GPI 2.0, Not on the Marketplace yet!

There is 5 of them, get them and shock people!

EDIT: You might need to update GPI 2.0

Cool… good find, but pics of what they are would be nice

You should put a direct link for them so people can download them without going and downloading profile editor and doing all that stuff!

Pic’s posted.

The only one i really like is the “Santa Claws” one, and that would one be worth getting if you have the OG Santa

nice find they are pretty cool :smiley:

These are fresh, i like the hat one :smile:

The second one pretty nice.

Complete MLG Picture Pack
(so far)

Thank you for this! Just got all the new ones there very nice. I am using the Santa claws one :smiley:

God nookie.
I just uploaded mine.