{UPDATE} Free Xbox Game: Injustice God's Among Us!

Injustice God’s Among Us! [Free for Slovakia]

So there was aMarketplace Error for SlovakiaAccounts and now Injustice God’s Among Us is Free! It is the Full Game. :smile:
This is how you can get it! :smiley:
Thank you Jamello from XMB for posting this on my thread!



Injustice: Gods among us still works! Warning Potato Quality[/i]1. Set you Locale to: Austria on your XBOX[details=Open Me]

[/details]2. Log out of your Account3. Click on the Superman tile on the Dashboard[details=Open Me][/details]4. On this screen press the Guide Button and log on your Morocco Profile[details=Open Me][/details]5. Click on Injustice, download the Game for Free![i][details=Open Me][/details]

Credit to: dudeman06
Source: http://www.cheapassgamer.com/topic/3…tent-20/page-9[/i]


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This is complicated.

Not really, its the same thing as my other methods on how to get the Game for free . :stuck_out_tongue:

Just make a Email with the Region Slovakia… then make a dummy account on your Xbox using the Slovakia Email and then thats it… x) Or you can change your Locale to Slovakia. I don’t know if that will work though . :stuck_out_tongue:

And then I can use it on my main account too?

What? It will take 5 mins most. Just do a license transfer and you can play the game on your main.

Well, duhh! x) Of course you can, you downloaded it on YOUR Console .:stuck_out_tongue: You could License transfer it on your Main Account if you want. Just like horney9389 said .

So I did this and all and now it tells me to pay.

So this doesn’t work?

I live in Canada and for many people it worked. And it also worked in the UK for many people. I don’t know if it’s patched or not. Someone confirm! :smile:

Well I couldn’t get to work, shame for me. Anyways thanks for sharing.

Didn’t work for me. Did I do something wrong.

I just tried and it doesn’t work

didn’t work :confused:

Sad face… Didn’t work for me either.

dnt work !! fk…

Yes you did, you had to do it on your Console! And sorry guys if it didn’t work :c I guess they patched it and noticed the Error! Should have posted this yesterday…

For a game this new, if you’re into fighting games it’s totally worth it. I’m not a fan of fighting games such as this, so I won’t.

because this works with gold acc … not silver!

Can confirm, it doesn’t work anymore, I migrated my backup US account to Slovakia (with Gold) and it’s back to 49,99€ on console

EDIT: https://www.wemod.com/forum/46-xbox-360-hot-games/152296-free-xbox-arcade-games.html#post1310335

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Didn’t work for me.