Urgent Help Needed!

So I have been using the app for about a month now…no problems whatsoever.

Today though something has gone majorly wrong, and I believe I am likely to be caught for this now as there is no hiding this.

I unlocked some achievement, literally 120GS worth, saved, plugged my USB back into the Xbox and signed in…as usual, my GamerScore has gone up, brilliant…but the game I unlocked achievements for still says 42/49 when it should know read 49/49, so I go onto the game, the achievements I unlocked offline are appearing as unlocked with pictures the lot, but they clearly havn’t as it still says 900/1000 and 42/49 unlocked.

Assuming I may have cocked up somewhere I try again, move profile onto USB, load up Horizon and low and behold, the same problem on Horizon…achievements showing as unlocked, but say’s 900/1000 and 42/49.

Please help, I have already been online to try and sync the achievements and I am scared to go back on now in case I do get caught. What has happened, I did nothing differently than the 10 times before that have worked perfectly for me.

Delete your account and recover it. It should fix that issue.

How do you mean?

I have twice gone to settings in the Xbox and then went to Delete Profile Only and then Downloaded my profile again and it still hasn’t fixed it.

Is there a way I can use the Horizon tool to lock the achievements and then unlock them offline again?

Not if they are synced with xbox live.

But it seems they haven’t synced…my total gamerscore has gone up, the achievement are showing as unlocked with the picture, but the game still says 42/49 and 900/1000…will it sync in time or am I forever stuck with this game as showing as incomplete?

If the profile you download from xbox live has the same achievements they are synced.

You just have to see if it fixes itself.

Even when I checked on account.xbox.com it shows them as being unlocked but same issue, 42/49 and 900/1000. I hope it does fix itself otherwise I am screwed, that shows I have clearly been modding. I am a very careful modder and have done no more than 10 achievements in a single mod or any online ones. Be a shame to get caught out when I do not even know what went wrong.

You are doomed to be caught eventually when you start modding achievements.

Even if only done in moderation and never unlock online ones? I’ve heard of people doing 50-100k and not being caught 2-3 years on

I believe the majority of caught users never post about it so it is hard to say how likely you are to be caught. From what I have heard people usually get banned eventually (even after 3 years).

I just struggle too see how they can catch you out for unlocking like 3-4 achievements offline every once in a while

Microsoft has its secrets. I would guess that an automated system flags accounts and a human then review the case. Avoid being detected by the automatic system and you should be fine.