User account control , administrator?

ive logged in on my computer, as an administrator, and when i press on '‘0 Devices Loaded’, it tells me: 'If you do not see all of your connected devices, be sure you are running Horizon as an Administrator!

ive connected my USB to my computer as well , everything’s done but it wont load the device on horizon , HELP MEEEEE :anguished:!!

Have you formatted your USB correctly?
Also, if you are Administrator, it doesn’t mean that anything you run will be ran as Administrator.
Just right click Horizon and hit “Run as Administrator.”

Post back when finished :smile:

Yeah i did , i get so frustrated !
I just right clicked it as well , and pressed ‘Run as Administrator’ , but its the same issue again …

It is most likely a USB Loading error.
Not Horizon.
Did you Format you USB correctly?

Can you tell me what you did to format it please?
Please post back again after, :smile:

Format my USB into where ? My computer ?
If so , then yeah , because I can hear the noise that my computer makes after ive plugged it in

needs to be formatted with an xbox to be able to be viewed in horizon’s device explorer

ah crap , i dont think the USB is good enough then … :anguished:

No, your USB is fine, follow this tutorial on how to Format a USB with an Xbox so you can mod your files/games.

It’s called Configure on Xbox and Format on PC.
Just follow that tutorial and post back after please. :smile:

Thanks bro !

Once you have Configured/Formatted your Device feel free to mod what ever you’d like!
Enjoy Horizon!

thanks for your help, it’s working now :smiley:

You’re very welcome! :smile:
Feel free to close now!

Enjoy your modding! :thumbsup:

at the first time was 1 devices found but when i re-start Horizon and press on devices eplorer was 0 devices found :anguished: please answer fast

Please create a new thread with your issue.


Hi I’m having some difficulties with herizon and I can’t seem to figure out how to fix them.

Please make a new thread.