User of the month

You should change the description about this badge since it has little to do with your forum activity and primarly comes down to whether you bought pro during your first month or not as can be observed in these months “best” users :thinking:

It’s only minor thing, but …

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Very few of the people who have the badge have Pro. All badges are granted automatically and almost all of the badges are the defaults for Discourse. From what I can tell it is given based on your post/thank ratio as Pro isn’t even factored into it.

So the user that wrote 1 post during a month and got 3 likes on it is considered above someone that wrote 100 posts and got 1 like on all of them?

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Man , I don’t even have that badge

As I said it is automated. We didn’t write the requirements nor the algorithm to determine who gets the badge. You can suggest discourse change it by creating a post on their forums

Which makes it even weirder - esp by way it is described “for excellent overall contributions” - if the PRO isn’t even considered into it I fail to see this excellent contributions in making 1 post xP

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It’s NEW user of the month. Not user of the month. In other words, your chance of ever getting the badge has gone, since January is now over. Same for me, Ptondo and Chris who actually do most of the posting here, we’re never going to get it now either. And to be honest I don’t think we care whether we do or not. :laughing: :man_shrugging:

Also - in my experience, someone who is new to a community, writes 100 posts and gets a like on them all is a scammy spam bot. Hence would end up banned and never getting the badge.

As Chris said, you need to submit your concerns to Discourse, the developers of the forum software WeMod uses.

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