Username and login problems

First of all, I’m pretty sure I dug myself deeper into the hole I found myself in so that’s on me.

I’ll try to be brief with my issue:

After the last update I found myself logged out. I couldn’t for the life of me log in again under my normal username. please not that I started the unupdated wemod without a problem and got the prompt to update. It was working correctly before.

Since the autoinstaller usually fails I got prompted to download the installer. I did. I installed it and found my username to be something completely different.

I logged that one out and tried to login. It failed as the e-mail wasn’t found. Which is odd, since I only have the one.

Everytime I restarted I got a different Username. I thought I was being smart and changed the username and e-mail in the menu. It did change the e-mail, but it said the username I had before was already taken. Which it was. By me. With the same credentials as far as I can remember.

Is there any way I can get the username back? I don’t really care about the points and/or tokens. It’s just the name. I have no Idea how it started. I realize my “solution” only made it worse, but I’d really want my “own” name back.

Please send an email to

Will do. Thank you.