Using saves from banned JTAG

Hi, I was thinking about making my own savesets offline on my JTAG using trainers and mods with a dummy account and then resign them on my main account and use them with my retail xbox. Is there a higher risk to get ban than using regular gamesaves ?

I would also like to know how risky it is to mode online stats via GPD editing ? (Gears 1 especially)

Thank you

There should be 0 chance of being banned using modded saves. As far as GPD editing the risk is still low(maybe zero at this point?).

Ok thank you. I was able to unlock few achievements directly with GPD editing for gears 1, does it work for all games ? I thought achievements data was only stored in the gamesave file.
So would it work to inject a gpd from someone who has unlocked the achievements to my account ?

Achievements are stored in GPDs. There are plenty of achievement unlockers out there like the one in Horizon.