Using WeMod app on PC (privacy)

I’m using WeMod for a while now and I saw on Glasswire that WeMod app is uploading data all the time. I know that app is sending some data to support app development etc. but I still have two questions:
Is this upload data only connected to WeMod app and not any other app on PC (browser etc.)?

I’m currently a free user (I will most likely switch to yearly PRO plan when I find a job after studies). I’m not using PiHole or any other non-browser adblocker and I’m not seeing any ads. Is this small box on the right corner with “upgrade to PRO” message the only ad on WeMod PC app?

Yes, that is the only ad that we have in WeMod. Various anonymous info is sent back to us to improve WeMod. You can disable anonymous reporting from the settings if you don’t want this to happen. You can find our full privacy policy and what is collected here: WeMod - Privacy Policy

I have this option opted-out. I just want to know if WeMod collects sth outside the app.

WeMod does not collect outside info.

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Thank you for help :blush:

I know this thread is a year old, but I’ll still try to help. Regarding your question, I think the upload data is only connected to the WeMod app and not any other app on your PC, but to be sure, you can check the Glasswire settings to see if it’s only tracking the WeMod app. As for the ads, I believe that the small box on the right corner is the only ad on the WeMod PC app for free users. By the way, have you heard of this company that offers computer vision development services and might be able to help you out with your app development needs? Just check out their website and hope that helps.