Using WeMod with Dark Souls games

I’m making my way through the Dark Souls games and I wouldn’t mind having a little boost to save me some time. What I mainly want to do is give myself lots of souls so I can level up really fast and early, saving me time on level-grinding. How safe is it to use WeMod for this? Do I need to take any steps to avoid problems or bans? I plan to play completely offline and don’t want to even connect my game to the internet when it’s active. I’m playing the game through Steam.

Hello there

WeMod can provide you with the option to request additional mods on the trainer’s discussion page, which can be accessed by clicking the Discussion icon below the Play button in WeMod.

However, it’s essential to be cautious when using third-party cheats or mods, as there is always a chance of being banned, especially if the game developer has not explicitly stated that it’s safe to do so. Since you plan to play completely offline and not connect your game to the internet while using the mods, the risk may be reduced, but it’s not entirely eliminated.

Remember to exercise caution, and if you have any concerns, you can find more information about suggesting mods on WeMod’s website here: Enjoy your gaming experience!

Well I just learned that apparently DS2 doesn’t have a natural offline mode so this may end up being a moot point…