VAC ban in singleplayer?

Hello there. I’m new here so I want to ask a question. Can I receive VAC ban for using Infinity trainer in Call of Duty: Ghosts singleplayer? It’s VAC protected game but I just wonder if I can get banned for using trainers in singleplayer.

Nope. As long as its singleplayer offline mod. Nope

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Thanks for the answer. So should I run Steam in offline mode?

I dont. I just start my game through infinity and go. My steam is always online

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should be good as long as you only use it in singleplayer even with steam online.

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Thanks for the answers. I heard some people were VAC banned even when they were using trainers in singleplayer only

VAC is only active on games hosted on a server, which singleplayer isn’t on most games. Some games don’t really have a singleplayer, just solo multiplayer (think F2P games or games like destiny or the division).

You can not be banned from offline singleplayer, there is no reason for them to care nor is VAC capable of it.


As @ptondo and others have said, no worries as long as you are playing a single-player game, VAC bans are a non-issue. Steam is always connected and I’ve never run into a problem. WeMod is an awesome tool, and unlike some trainers, doesn’t “take things too far”.

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@Chris close please

Thanks guys for the answers