Can anyone link me to the modding program Valhalla?
I couldn’t find anything about it and I am just willing to try new things.

Im believe it’s discontinued and doesn’t have many tools

website is down, idk where else to get it



I think it’s from Xbox360-Content. Not completely sure, but go check there when/if it’s back up.

Erm simple spelling error.

or are you doing this cause what i did on HF? lul

why correct that everyone makes typos -_____-

Because Horizon is that damn special.

Why do you want that program? You can’t use anything unless you have their VIP or Platinum.

not really everyone is a human and everyone makes mistakes now if someone was completely illiterate then yeah, I’d point out a typo but not one freakin letter…

OK back on-topic without sparking anymore of a unnecessary flame-war:

Made by: SuperModder911

Originally Located at
but relocated to (until someone hacked the site)

No present location. Contact SM (aka SuperModder911) if you want it.

Thank you all. Once again, just open to trying new things.
Horizion or Horizon, same damn thing.

I have tried to ask SM911 about Valhalla but he doesn’t say anything back so Idk.

I have Supermodder on MSN. I can ask him about it. Just PM me.

how can i get in contact with SuperModder911 because i have VIP and would like to get Valhalla working again.

it wasn’t hacked
he didnt pay the bills for hosting
then sold source to josht from gts

That app is complete ass. It does not work. ****ty performance and shotty work done. Alot of it was wrong and never corrected. Just wait for the Horizon update.


I’ve been looking for it too, does anybody know where to get a cracked version? I’ve been looking for valhalla for months. I’d like to check out all of the tools. Horizon>Modio. But I’ve never tried Valhalla.