Value related mods not working for games

So, for games like Terminator: Dark Fate - Defiance, Aliens: Dark Descent, and a couple others, I’m noticing issues with the mods for resources or anything related to a numerical value modifer. (add supplies, add resources, etc) The audio chime plays and if I’m looking at the trainer, I can see the value go up to 100 on the add, but it immediately in a flicker resets back to 0. I’m not sure what the issue is that’s causing this. EDIT: I am aware of the use stipulations for Terminator, use the mod on the map before missions… DOES NOT WORK

I’ve tried updates, remapping, restarting… Help please!

Thanks for reaching out! If you could please report each issue on the trainer’s discussion page. This is where all issues with trainers get reported and it will help the developers address them efficiently. Thank you!