Various Grand Theft Auto 5 Game Saves - Including 100%

Hey guys. I finally completed GTA 5 to 100% today. I’ve made a few backup saves including one at 68/69 missions for those who know what happens in the last mission.

I’m not sure if my saves will work since I simply pulled them from my hard drive, and erased my info on the saves so you have to put yours on. For now I will only upload the 68 / 69 save until I have confirmation that it works and then I’ll hand out my save that’ll get you the 100% achievement to a select few to start. Basically if you have diamond, you can get the save off of me.

68 out of 69 missions completed

EDIT: As of right now, my saves just left Mega. Going to put them back up shortly.

**** am not diamond lol but i have a save with modded money. If you want it i can upload it or send it to you so you can post it in diamond and it has all 3 guys. 69/69 missions done, Hobbies and Pastimes 19/42,Strangers and Freaks 14/20,Random Events 14/14,Miscellaneous 6/16.

Hello,can you post that please?

You need to take the “<br />” out of the URL and then use the link WITH the encryption key. Cause this is what we get

idk if you did that on purpose. :confused:

Be patient. I’m running some tests.

Don’t know what the **** the encryption key is.

It’s actually called that file key on your end but to us it’s the encryption key. When you click share a box will pop up asking which link you want to share just make sure the file link and file key are checked.

That is all that I had selected? Hmm. I think I’m going to wait till Cheater releases the GTA 5 Mod tool before fully releasing these saves. Sorry for any inconvenience caused by this.

I’ve updated my original post. I have the 68/69 save up there. Make sure to change it to your Profile ID and such. If you want the 100% save, you’ll have to wait a little longer. Sorry but it took a lot of time to get so only some member can have access to it.

Dose your save have modded money?

For the people that have downloaded this save do you get any other achievements other than the 100%?

And no.

This save is only 68/69 missions. I think 74% done?

I’m not sure if Derrick was asking if any the saves had modded money, or if he was just referring to your 68/69

but will any of the other saves have modded money + Health/Stamina? I would still like to play the game in it’s whole but have unlimited stuff to also just FSU in the game. haha

Just money on my 100% save.

I was asking if the 68/69 save has modded money

I would like the 100% Save if you are giving it out to Diamond Users :smile: May not post lots, But I support Horizon till the end :smile:

No it doesn’t. I believe each character is sitting around 30+ mill.

Aww, I read the thread wrong. I thought it meant 100% total game completion. Oh well, my mistake. Thanks for this =]

please could i get the 100% game save if you’ve finished testing?
what where you testing?

I’ve done the 100% game save but no achievement :anguished: can anyone help?

Did you use this gamesave or another?