Very Simple But Clean Background

Here it is. Do not thank,this is useless,if you want it go ahead.

This is how it looks as a wallpaper.

Looks clean (: :thumbsup:

Sometimes all a guy wants is a plan wallpaper 10/10

I like it

You should make all of our names on there then post it on your desktop again


Sure,Will Upload Later.

Hawt! 10/10 I like clean plain wallpapers for my desktop :smiley:

can you link me a download to after effects, and wat is the icon on your bottom right most side, on the windows tray

Your desktop is smexeh. How did you get the time and date and all the other stuff on the desktop!? O_O

i like it


Rainmeter :smiley: Rainmeter
EDIT: abboz beat me :anguished: Link above though.

clicks link XD
Thanks. :smile:

Smexy, using it to make myself a background right nao. :3

Exactly what I needed.

uhm i have made a pack that provides rainmeter skins and configs ill edit this post with the link

Very simple, but in a way that looks really good and polished.

Finished, what you guys think? :smiley: