Viva Pinata TIP Modding Tool

Ive Been Looking for ages and i always hit a dead end E.G broken Links and stuff.

if anybody can possibly find one it would be much appreciated my gf’s son is getting in a mardy about not having enough chocolate coins


Try this
How to Mod Viva Pinata using 360Revolution [Tutorial with Images] - 360Revolution Tutorials - XPG Gaming Community

One of the comments said this

It does work, You have to start a new game from scratch and from your USB device. Don’t start a new game on your xbox then transfer your save it won’t work!

So I would suggest reading the comments to make sure you do it correctly.

cheers dude i will give it shot

i just had a look that one is the first viva pinata game im looking for the second game (Trouble in paradise)

But thanks for the help its much Appreciated

Oh sorry, I’ll have another look and edit this post if I find anything

cheers dude even my gf’s thankfull cuz she getting a headache

I try Thanks

Any new developments on this?

send the save i do it for you i use a trainer i made

are you still on here doing the save mods?

Is there anyway you can do this for me too :stuck_out_tongue: ?