Want to try Minecraft? Get the Demo!

One of the main excuses I see people using for pirating Minecraft is that they want to try it out before buying it. Well, there’s a Demo made for PC Gamer by Notch for that sole purpose.

Without Further ado, I give you the Minecraft Demo

Now go, my children, go and build to your heart’s content! Well, for 90 minutes… Then you have to fork over the measly $15 to get premium access to the game.
You can do that here.

Or just go on the free version on the minecraft site o_O

Or get it for free, oh wait.

The demo is actually a trial period version of the Beta. This means there are actually mobs, finite resources, and health. The free version on the site (Classic) Is infinite building and doesn’t contain all block types, any tools, mobs, etc.

So the Demo is what you’d actually be playing if you bought the game, while the classic version is not.