Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate - Daemonhunters Cheats and Trainer for Steam

i’ve been activly killing dudes (pro tip, use level 1 knights)

“oh ancient brother, what is your wisdom? what can you teach me about our ways?”

“i was set up, betrayed by the chapter master, run!”

these would be nice additions

Hi, it’s possible but via Cheat Engine

Guys, u can add Abillity Points without fallen Grey Knights. Here is guide: u need WeMod and Cheat Engine.

It works ONLY when Knight is ready to level up (after mission, in lobby):

  • pick “level up”,
  • activate cheat with Unlimited Ability Points,
  • chose some abilities,
  • deactivate cheat (notice amount of points deacrese),
  • use cheat engine and change value of ability points
  • then accept lvl up

It doesn’t work in barracks - fallen Grey Knight connecion is needed there.

Also notice: after ability points modification, when gain next level You must do it again because it causes negative value of ability points.