Warhammer 40,000 Darktide

Is there going to be a trainer for Darktide soon? Now that the game has released?

Unless the game developers change course on modding and the available game modes, there will not be a trainer.

what does that mean? the game isnt possible to mod because theres only one game mode? that doesnt make sense, vermintide 2 had mods.

Every game is different. The first issue is WeMod does not condone cheating in multiplayer or co-op. Since they do not have a true single-player game mode at this moment, that eliminates a trainer. The second is the fact every value is checked server-side.


that makes sense. I didnt know they checked every single value. Thats makes it very difficult lol. Thanks for the reply.

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Private games are here, does that change the stance?

Can it be played offline?

I think it needs steam verification to log in so no, but so did Vermintide 2 and that has one

I want this but if it can be used online I have to say no. Cheating in single players are fine. Cheating with multiplayers is not.

then would it be possible to use the trainer again if you can play offline i just love mobbing through the missions without randoms messing the mission up i havent tried playing except now and i bought the imperial bundle or whatever and saw the trainer was gone haha rip but whenever you get a chance to respond i would appreciate it. also killing floor two and ready or not are online too? and no im not sending a smart remark i would just love the trainer to be back just wanted to give an example or possible an option to vote for it to become a trainer again xD

There never was a trainer, killing floor and ready or not have single player modes and are not server sided. I’m going to be locking this thread as it’s old and doesn’t need to be brought back up again.