Warhammer darktide

warhammer a great game like killing floor but with the warhammer story going around doing missions by yourself or with people that usually just go up to a witch and die to ruin your game over and over again but something came up to me this morning about a mod saying how it was old and there was never a trainer for it yes once upon a time there was one and it was nice be i could be either playing by myself or with people but it got removed but it was server sided or what but now the game has been updated with stuff so there has to be a possibly way like killing floor 2 if you guys didnt know you coupld play co op with cheats lethal company you can play co op with cheats im saying why not add it back when its a co op game with no pvp i just dont get how you let these other games slide but dark tide can you go in full detail please if so i just loved playing this game now i gotta deal with annoying ass people ruining almost every game for me thanks love we mod been here for almost 3 or 4 years feels like keep up the great work and most important DONT CLOSE THIS THREAD ITS NEW HEHEHEHEHE

Darktide is a server-sided game so mods are not possible.

In the future please don’t create another thread after a mod has closed it.