Warning in regards to whether a trainer is free or subscription

I don’t have any idea if this was discussed before but it would be appreciated that before downloading any of the wemod trainers within the website that they would please outline whether or not that mod can be used without pro subscription or at least outline certain mods cheats within the mod that does require a pro subscription. I am not complaining that the mods should be free rather I would like to be warned of the necessity for a pro subscription to make the cheats work before downloading any of the mods.

Edit: I have only used it for a game called dungreed so I do not have any more experience than that but a warning in regards to the pro subscription on the cheats is appriciated.

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We do not have any trainers or cheats that require Pro.

Then it is possible that there might be something wrong with my games that made the codes unable to work, the codes had problems that made it not work or something else had occurred. Truth be told when I tried to manually turn the cheats on it said that it required pro. Of course when I used the hotkeys for the cheats it showed being turned on, however when testing it on the game it had no indication of it working so I had assumed that pro was needed.

Toggling the cheats manually is a Pro feature,but you can use every trainer for free with the hotkeys.
As far as the cheats not working,it might be an issue with the trainer needing to be updated.Also if you’re using a game from a store that does not currently have a trainer for that game,or a cracked version,the trainer will not work properly.

The Dungreed trainer is likely in need of an update due to the game being updated.
When a game updates, the trainer usually breaks. So the trainer will also usually need an update.

Things you can do:

  • Click the Info tab in the trainer itself to see its current compatibility.
  • Check the trainer’s recent discussion and bug reports by clicking the Discussion button in the trainer itself.
  • Click the queue tab in the desktop app to see if an update is currently in the development queue.
  • See here for how updates work and how you could speed them up: Game Queue - WeMod Support
  • Check the Giveaways section of the forum for a free game while waiting for an update.

Understood thank you for clearing up the misunderstanding on my part. I am new to this website so I had no clue that it required the hotkeys to use on the game rather than toggling them manually.