WARNO Cheats and Trainer for Steam

i second this

How many times you said “bug fixes” but the Unlimited Ammo cheat apply to the IA too from the begining smh

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One month has passed, still no god mode?


Hi, I try to use this trainer but cannot activate the unlimited deployable units and unlimited fuel options. Any idea why that happens and how I can solve it?


Dear MrAntifun, Would you be so kind to update the trainer for WARNO? That was for me the main reason I became por at WeMod. Kind Regards, Rom.


Is there a potential update in the works?:slight_smile:

Unlimited health is needed thanks


Hi there! Any idea when next update will roll out? Yesterday there was a game update.

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Please update at your soonest convenience, Happy Valentines Day!

The WARNO cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Unlimited deployable troops doesn’t work

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Unlimited deployable units doesnt work , fix pls !

I like this mod very much, but I found a fatal flaw.
It means that you and other players see the world differently.
Every time I move a unit, yet other players tell me your unit is not moving anything.
I control a unit that I deployed before the battle started and the unit starts to move, but from the other player’s point of view, that unit is not moving at all.
They seem to stay put and not move from their deployed position for a long time
Because of this, other players very often judge me as AFK.
And when a unit starts fighting, the battle is visible only to me and not to other players in the first place.
Therefore, most of the 1vs1 ranked matches that should have been won are recorded as draws.
From the enemy player’s point of view, he or she has won, and the result is a draw due to a discrepancy.
This is not a problem in the AI game, but I am wondering why this problem has not been mentioned before.
If you can improve it, please do.

Trainers are not built for multiplayer game modes, no matter where you get them from. Trainers are only for single player game modes.

Trainers work by injecting code into the memory addresses a game is using in your PC’s RAM. But a multiplayer game is running on a server hundreds or thousands of miles away from you, hence no memory addresses in your PC’s RAM to inject code into.

Trainers are not made for online game modes simply because of technical reasons. As well as for legal reasons - a game developer will sue you into bankruptcy to make you disappear. Plus cheating online and ruining the game for other people is just generally a really crappy thing to do. Plus you’ll probably be banned.

Nobody mentioned your issue before because they understand trainers are not for online.


I now understand how it works about trainers. Thank you.

god mode opcion plz


Hi there Wemod gurus.

Just had a go at Operations and it seems the ammo/fuel cheats are working but the unlimited points/units are not.

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The options like Ammo/fuel cheese are also affected the AI as well.

needs update while playing operations nun of the cheats work


Update trainer no job Unlimited Requisition Points and Unlimited Deployable Units operations