WARNO Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Need updates, and it would be great if provide a god mode option.

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mratntifun, I’m sorry, of course, but it seems that you don’t even try updates on games that are updated because as infinite points didn’t work, so infinite reinforcements in operations don’t work either


Hope to have unit invincibility function

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and why did you remove again that the trainer is updated and functional? Features Unlimited Requirement Points Unlimited Deployable Units still do not work in operations, do you even check the performance of the trainer?


Not work anymore
They update 95852 version

Update please

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Cheats don’t works in operation mod pls fix

Can’t works in Operation Pls FIX THK

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Obligatory comment about the cheats not working in Operations.

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he doesn’t care what we write, he just doesn’t respond to messages.

new update for the game and new operation, and still the cheats are not working. Can someone delete those made by MrAntiFun and make new ones who actually works in Solo mods ?

Hey mrantifun, you’re already annoying and annoying with this, can you update this trainer so that it works in operations? or are you like a schmuck going to constantly clean up that it needs updating?

Good Morning modders.

Would love some of your time with this one. No pressure. Bonus points for banning the rude person above.

From a happy subscriber

Dude, I’m sorry, but mrantifuna has a sufficient number of people asked to update the trainer instead, he constantly removes the inscription requires updating from the game. What other attitude did you expect to get to him?

For a service you get for free? Some courtesy and respect would go a long way.

The game is in Early Access and because of this will be changing often. Also, there are some big name games around right now with a lot more people interested in them than there are people keen on Warno. Pump your brakes. Relax. I am sure something will get updated in due time.

I agree with what your saying but I do think people deserve more than just a copy spam of the same message that states the mod for Warno is up to date when it is not. I think if MRANTIFUN applied a little more correspondence to people asking and raising concerns people will be less annoyed and be more understanding that the game is going through constant updates. At the end of the day they are providing a service and a little customer service or professionalism goes a long way with people.

What major games is he currently working on? I looked at the list of new releases his name is not in the updates, too, no major games are located except Neverwinter moreover, if we consider how many times there have already been inscriptions since February that the trainer has been updated and the errors have been eliminated, then it would be possible to fully update the trainer

and the worst thing is that mrantifun removed all his trainers leaving them only in the wimod it would be better if he acted like a fling creating both a version for the wimod and a regular one

lowkey this sucks

And again there was no update, but you removed the inscription and sent out spam that you updated everything, you behave like a Ukrainian who creates a kind of work but does nothing and requires a current

And again, mrantifun did nothing to update the operation , the cheats did not work and are not working , will you continue to protect him ?