Was running wemod in a singleplayer game in the background. While playing an online game with a friend

I was tired at that time, was careless. I was playing an online multiplayer game while running wemod on another singleplayer games like farming / grinding. When I exit the multiplayer game and then I realised that wemod is still running on that singleplayer game. Was worried about will I get ban. Plus I googled “wemod banned while running in the background” I did see a post posted a very long time ago that says “either I’m opening the cheats while playing an online game or the cheats still injected into my ram while playing to get banned” so I’m very worried and jump here for answer.

WeMod only injects the game you set it to.
So; if you injected it into the SinglePlayer game; that’s all it does.

If you were playing another game in the background, WeMod doesn’t touch that.

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thank u so much! my savior :'D