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Easy anticheat needs to be disabled for the trainer to work.

How to disable Easy Anticheat: Uplay

Go to Game Properties in Uplay and click on Edit next to game launch arguments. Enter -eac_launcher and click Save.

With version 1.07, you need to add the command to steam too.

How to add command line argument to steam

Right click on game in steam and go to Properties. Click Set Launch Options. Enter -eac_launcher and click OK.

You should get this message in game if EAC is disabled successfully

You may need to restart your PC to unload the service if it isn’t disabling after doing all that^.

Thanks to cheathappens/dr8breed for sharing how to disable EAC.

Note: With new versions now you have to launch it from a shortcut.

Make a watch dogs 2 shortcut then add the -eac_launcher command line parameter to your WatchDogs2.exe shortcut.


thank you :slight_smile:

To get the cash cheat to work. You will need to buy something.

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I just bought Watch Dogs 2 and when I try to connect the Trainer (Start Game) I get Code 5 error. I added Infinity as an exception to my Antivirus and even tried closing my Antivirus program completely and still continue to get this error. No other firewall/antivirus is enabled.

Have you disabled Easyanticheat?


Am i the only one getting this…?

Once i click to start the Trainer the game starts to slow down when it was on 50-60 fps before hand?

I also am having an issue when trying to start up. I disabled the easy anticheat but I’m still getting the same message as @0sedax. Except mine says :error code 7 . I disabled all antip virus etc as well.

@rwargo312 That error means Easy anticheat isn’t disabled. Did you get that message in my second post above?^

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I disabled it though typing in -eac_launcher

And yes when I let the game boot up I got that message saying cannot play online but the infinity program was not activated because I got that error message

Are you running INFINITY as an ADMIN or normal user ? Try both the Admin, as well as user modes. Launch INFINITY, after you have loaded the Game’s level.

First start the game, then attach INFINITY.

Launch the game first then attach infinity (click start game).

Error code 7 means infinity can’t see the watch dogs 2 module, either because of EAC or no permissions (inf not running as admin/blocked by AV etc etc)

Got it to work @Nick_666. That did the trick. Thanks! Normally I just start the game from the infinity app

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Not a problem. Thanks for the update.

If i use this while EAC is disabled, when I turn it back on will the changes from infinity be detected and will I be banned from multiplayer?

@LazyPug Considering how intrusive EAC is (it installs as a service, hooks all APIs to block other programs from even seeing the game, scans your system drive for cheat tools, tracks the user when debugging etc etc) and that Ubisoft keeps it enabled in single player, i’d say its very risky to go online with your modded saves.

EAC doesn’t detect that you cheated though but stops you from cheating in the first place. So it’s up to Ubisoft whether they’re tracking your stats or not, i don’t know if they have another anticheat in place for MP play (like fairfight).

So yeah don’t unless you’re willing to risk your account.

Thanks for telling me after I did it imao. But no bans yet.

My game doesn’t start up fast enough so just when i get into loading screen it tells me that it didn’t find the game and told me to restart the game. Should I ignore it or what should i do?
Edit, it seems like the client thinks that the Watch Dogs 2 launcher is the game, and then when the game launches and the launcher disappears it gives me that message. But I don’t know. I just want to cheat!
Edit 2. I found another thread where you said that someone should try to click Start Game after im in game level. Well, I did that and it didn’t work. It just launches another Watch Dogs 2 launcher and the closes it.

Read the second post in this thread

You need to disable Easy anticheat.

I have lol. The game is updated I was told so I think it’s that.